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Paid referencing: what are the advantages of Google ads?

what are the benefits of ASP?

A site well positioned in the pages of search engines is based on a strong search engine optimization. Companies are working on their paid search engine optimization in order to position their web pages at the top of search results and quickly gain notoriety to convert. In this article, we highlight the advantages of a paid search engine optimization strategy. 

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What is paid referencing?

Paid Listing or PARS (Search Engine Advertising) includes the online advertising and sponsored links that make websites visible via text, image or video ads. These are Google Ads, Social Ads or Native Ads. Each SEA campaign has a cost, the amount of which is defined upstream and controlled throughout the campaign. 

What is the difference with natural SEO?

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes all On-Site and Off-Site optimizations in order to position a web page on specific keywords defined upstream of the SEO strategy. Unlike paid search engine optimization, SEO is completely free if you have the technical qualifications to optimize his website. The positions acquired on keywords are often more durable, even if the results take a long time to obtain. 

Is it necessary to choose between SEA or SEO strategy?

The two SEO strategies are often wrongly opposed. An SEO strategy will bring traffic back to the site and allow the web pages to position themselves in the long term on keywords. The AES has many advantages that we detail below. 

sea referencing for a website
What are the benefits of ASP for your website?

What are the advantages of paid search engine optimization for your site?

Are you considering an ASP campaign? In this case, it is better to consider the advantages of paid referencing: 

Google Ads: 50 % of chances in addition to winning customers 

It is sometimes mistakenly believed that the sponsored ads at the top of the page are not clicked by Internet users who would prefer natural results. However, according to the study conducted by Moza user who clicked on a paid Google Ads ad has 50 % chance of becoming a customer. Source Another 2018-2019 study highlights the importance of online advertising (PPC) and 79 % of marketers say it is essential to their business. Source

In addition, Google values its Google Ads service within the SERPs: we can see that the display of the results has pushed back the natural results in position 9 and 10 on the second page of Google. From now on, there are only 8 natural results and 6 sponsored ads (3 at the top of the page and 3 at the bottom). In other words, sponsored ads still have a bright future ahead of them! 

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Your website is visible quickly

Google ads are highly visible at the top of search results and easily attract the attention of the target audience. As soon as the campaign goes online, the website is immediately visible on the selected keywords. It is therefore an ideal solution during a product launch, to quickly promote an event or to make a promotion. 

You control your budget perfectly 

With a SEA strategy, you have perfect control over your budget and you can monitor your campaign expenses. By specifying a maximum amount per dayIf you realize that a campaign is not profitable, you can modify or withdraw it instantly. 

Your visuals are highlighted to promote the act of buying

Where SEO is based only on words, an ATS strategy allows you to showcase your products and services through images. Indeed, with Google Shopping, you can display product visuals, prices and promotions of items to attract Internet users in one click. 

You benefit from qualified traffic that converts

An ATS strategy accurately targets its audience by providing information on the target's geographic location, age group, average budget, language used, or the device (device used). The conversion rate is therefore higher than in the case of SEO, which generates more diversified organic traffic. Furthermore, the analysis of paid search engine optimization metrics allows to maximize ROI and thus improve your future campaigns while enriching your SEO strategy. 

Google Ads updates make the use of the service more fluid

Google regularly updates its algorithm and it can happen that the update is major, completely jeopardizing the display of results in the SERPs. If the Google Ads platform is also undergoing changes, these are generally in response to optimization requests from businesses to make the use of the platform more fluid rather than to make a major change in operation. 


The advantages of paid referencing are numerous for a company by allowing it to acquire to very short term notoriety and qualified traffic. To multiply these advantages, combining SEA and SEO is a winning strategy, because it allows you to work on the positioning of your website both in the short and long term. 

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