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Voice Search & Google Ads: how to adapt your paid search engine optimization?

Recently, voice search has experienced a dramatic growth with the advent of voice assistants. True pocket or home companions, voice assistants are transforming the way people search for information. The answers given by Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple) or Bixby (Samsung) are totally different from the answers given by search engines. They are shorter and more concise.

Consequently, this new means of communication requires advertisers to adapt their marketing strategy, particularly in terms of voice advertising.

Let's focus here on the - and especially Google Ads: the largest advertising agency known on the web. What benefits can be gained from voice search in SEA?

As we will see, voice research is a truly new avenue to explore for improve its paid search engine optimization !

The opportunities of voice search for advertising

Voice search allows users to gather a lot of information about :

  • the weather,
  • the time,
  • the latest news,
  • the restaurant where they would like to have lunch, as well as other data that can help make their daily life easier. 
Google Voice Assistant: How can I help?

However, voice search is still today the place that is free of advertising for Internet users.

Indeed, the answers given by these computer companions do not present any information relating to specific products, promotions or brands ...

Yet, voice search accounts for nearly 20% of the research done in the United States and is expected to account for nearly 50% according to Gartner.

This fact makes the potential opening of voice search to advertising a point of honour.

The fact that there are no ads in this area yet does not mean that we should not be interested in it now. Technology is evolving very quickly, and the arrival of voice advertising in the marketplace may come faster than expected.

We can already imagine that Google Ads and Amazon Ads will be the leaders in these fields by offering advanced advertising solutions. The general idea will not be to attack the Internet user with a mass of voice ads, but rather to "advise" or recommend a single ad based on his request. 

Amazon and Google Ads logos

The advertisement proposed to the user should push the personalization to the end, so that the user can have the most relevant answer possible according to his request.

For professionals working in the ATS, the targeting and relevance of the proposed answers will have to be very precise, and as always, the objective will have to be to respond exactly to the expectations of the users.

What about voice advertising today? 

Even though voice advertising is not yet available on voice wizards, this does not prevent Google from going into the advertising race and launching BETA ad responses. A Twitter user highlighted this fact through his tweet : 

Gennaro Cuofano


Have you noticed that Google is pushing ads results in the voice assistant? @rustybrick @bill_slawski

See the image on Twitter

The subscriber in question performed a voice search with Google Assistant and was offered a written ad response from Google Ads as the main result. 

This subscriber also performed the same search and obtained a voice response very similar to the one offered in writing before, so it seems to show that the voice response given will not distinguish between advertising and organic content. 

Differentiating between written and voice response in voice search

As mentioned above, it is essential to distinguish between the voice response and the written response. In the case of the voice response, only one result is mentioned orally by the voice assistant. The voice response is therefore only available via the voice assistants, i.e. the connected/intelligent speakers.

The same applies to the written response, which highlights a single search result without the voice assistant needing to speak. This written response feature is only available for mobiles! 

The interest for advertisers will be to know: do they want to be present on a voice response or a written response to a voice search? 

The bidding battle for the unique position

Regardless of the advertiser's positioning, voice search is a growing opportunity to expand its digital advertising presence. 

The major element that emerges from this is that one and only one search result will be highlighted by the wizard, which will judge for itself which answer is the most suitable for the user's query. 

To hope to stand out in the research results, you will have to bid the highest bid and be prepared to invest the necessary budget to compete. 

Voice advertising will not necessarily be relevant for advertisers wishing to position themselves on very competitive keywords. A keyword such as "buy a Samsung TV" may be expensive for advertisers. However, voice advertising can bring a real bonus, especially in terms of local referencing.

We can imagine paid SEOs setting up a Google My Business review form, and coupling merchant reviews when setting up a Google Ads campaign.

It will suffice to position oneself on a keyword at the local level, which will then be less competitive and therefore less costly:

Italian restaurant in Lyon

Example of a less competitive local request.

Balance sheet for voice advertising

By broadening its range of advertising media, Google will be able to increase its advertising revenues and thus offer ever more advanced solutions, with the aim of responding in the best possible way to Internet users' requests. 

Even if voice advertising seems obvious, it is not yet part of our daily lives. Given the rapid evolution of technology and the increased development of artificial intelligence, voice advertising should not be long in coming years or months in BETA (test) versions.

At this stage, we can also wonder about the vocal listening (especially on mobile phones) and remarketing carried out by some advertisers following certain keywords evoked during conversions...Have you ever been confronted with this situation?

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