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What will be the trends in Paid Listing in 2020?

ASP in 2020

With 4.389 billion users in 2019, the Internet, thanks to Paid Search Engine Optimization, has become a major medium for Advertisers in all sectors. 

The Internet is by far the fastest growing medium, accounting for the second largest share of global advertising spending after television, while traditional media are on a downward trend.  

According to the Zenith agency, online advertising will account for 52% of total advertising spending by 2021. The paid listing (SEA) representing 37% (+11% growth in 2018) of Internet spending.

Operating in an ultra-competitive world, advertisers must always be more creative and strategic in order to reach Internet users.

With more than 30% of SEA market share, Google Ads remains the historical leader in the field. Staenk offers you a small recap of the SEO trends to come in 2020.

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Machine Learning, when Artificial Intelligence becomes commonplace 

Artificial intelligence is no longer a science fiction story. It has become part of our lives over the last decade, opening the way for a metamorphosis of the computer landscape. Machine Learning is one of the major trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2020. It allows computers to learn from statistics and data. This technology is now used in many sectors of activity with one of its precursors: Google.

2020 will undoubtedly continue this trend towards automation. Google's "Smart Bidding" is one of the main trends to expect in 2020. Even if automatic bidding is not a new option on Google Ads, the results are now indisputable. No more spending hours adjusting bids manually! CPA, ROAS or Maximizing Clicks / Conversions offer very important results. 

The "smart auction." many parameters:

  • History of your campaign,
  • Purchasing intentions of an Internet user,
  • Time and day of the week,
  • Remarketing,
  • Language,
  • And a lot of other data

These allow you to evaluate the bids of an ad. For each search associated with your keywords, the Google bot defines a different bid. The result is a budget and optimized bids according to the chances of conversions or clicks. 

Discovery Ads, would Google compete with social networks? 

At the end of 2018, you were able to discover the new Google option named Discover.  

Google Discover

Discover presents Internet users with content selected according to their current interests, and is the true successor to Google +, a feature that is already used by more than 800 million Internet users. 

We didn't have to wait long for Google to announce in 2019 the launch of "Discovery Ads." This new feature among the Google Ads trends will allow to communicate on Discovery from visual content (title, image, description, logo, URL). It will also be possible to highlight several images like the "Carousel" ads on Facebook as an example below. 

Facebook Musical Ride Ads

This ad format will allow the Machine Learning to target specific audiences (in-market, affinity and intent) and, in addition to Discover, ads can also be placed on YouTube and Gmail.

Different Discovery Ads formats

            YouTube Discover Gmail

We can expect a significant development of this ad format offering new opportunities for Advertisers. 

Google Gallery Ads, and the Search Network integrated the Image

Although it is not yet available to all Advertisers in France, it has been difficult in recent months to miss the ads Gallery Ads on Google.

After Display, Shopping, Gmail and now Discover, it is now the turn of the search network to integrate images. Gallery Ads allows to target Internet users on the search network by offering them an ad format featuring 4 to 8 images and personalized descriptions. Only available on Mobile, Internet users can now discover a visual ad in accordance with their request.

Gallery Ads layout

This ad format can be invoiced in two ways :

  • Cost per Click (CPC) like traditional search network ads
  • When the user will scroll through at least 3 images.

This innovation will provide advertisers with an unparalleled richness of graphics and space occupation on the search network. According to Google Early reports show that an ad group with at least one Gallery Ads has an average of 25% more interactions on the search network. 

The Renewal of Google Shopping

Google has undoubtedly decided to overshadow Amazon with its latest platform : Google ShoppingThe platform no longer just "compare prices" but now offers to buy a set of products without having to go through the merchant's site. No need to spend a long time on the platform to see that we have here Amazon with Google sauce.

Google Shopping, page

France has been chosen with the United States as the first two countries to benefit.

On the head menuIn addition, users have access to a personalized interface with dedicated products and a system filter. 

Just as Amazon Advertising's impressive development in 2019, we can imagine a significant growth in 2020 in the following campaigns Google Shopping

Local Campaigns, the development of Local Advertising

2019 has shown how important it is for advertisers to communicate locally. Despite the boom in e-commerce, consumers still have a strong tendency to buy at the point of sale. The Internet is undoubtedly a major issue in the purchasing process.

Between 70 and 80% of purchases at the point of sale are the result of previous Internet browsing.

According to Google, 30% of the searches are local and 75% of these Internet users go to the store within 24 hours of the search. 

The Local Campaigns allow advertisers to communicate on the Search Network, Display, YouTube or Google Map. They allow to attract customers directly at the point of sale. To do so, Google uses geolocation to propose nearby stores.

Local Campaigns in different formats

2020 will certainly be the key in the development and generalization of these "new" offline KPIs called "In-Store Visits" or "In-Store Sales". Thanks to geolocation, Google knows reliably if a user has been in a store after a search. Some advertisers even import in-store activity information such as transactions, in order to match offline traffic to traffic coming from Google Ads. 

Google is also developing the Local Campaigns planning tool which will provide in-store predictive results of your Local campaigns. 

New Audiences for more control of your targets

At the end of 2019, Google has presented us with two new ways to target audiences the affinity hearings and the market audiences

Nothing new, you might say? Well, yes, there is! Google Ads now offers much more detailed and developed options. It is now easier to reach the right audience and no longer those extremely vague categories that the tool had accustomed us to.

The affinity hearings allow you to target people already interested in your product or service using categories such as "30-minute recipes" or "role-playing". 

Market audiences, on the other hand, reach out to consumers who are actively searching for or comparing products and services, and thus are in the midst of their purchasing process. 

These two solutions make it possible to reach a selective audience and bring in new customers. 

As you can see, Google Ads trends are numerous.

2020 marks a new turning point in our understanding of communication on the Google network. Advertisers have more and more tools that combine machine learning and creative features to reach the right people with the right arguments. As communication on social networks and the marketplace continues to grow, Google has put in place strong arguments to maintain its position as a leader in SEO. 

In the meantime, it should be noted that Amazon expanded into advertising with advertising investments anticipated at +70% between 2019 and 2021, and that Bing Ads also competes with Google Ads.

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