Training organization, create your first Google Ads campaign!

First Google Ads campaign, Training organization

With several million searches per second, Google is unavoidable - and uncontrollable ! Using Google ads is one of the best marketing strategies in order to promote its training courses and make yourself known online. This simple solution, accessible to all, makes it possible to develop its training activity with its potential clients, and at the right time! Why create a first Google Ads campaign to promote your training organization? Discover in this article how Google Adwords works, as well as its 5 great advantages!

What is Google advertising?

Google's business is all about providing the most relevant answer to a user's question. Hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations offer training courses that may match, but in Google's results, only 10 places are available... 

That's where Google monetizes its tool by allowing you to bid for top search results! This is called the Google Ads AdvertisingThe Google Adwords Award depends on how many people want to appear in the first results. 

As you can see, the more people are willing to pay to appear in the first results, the higher the price per click will be! This price per click depends on number of direct competitors, and the quality of your website. Indeed, if you position yourself on a query but the Internet user does not find what he is looking for, Google may reduce your quality score Adwords (quality score).

Why advertise your training organization for a fee?

Faced with users who are increasingly looking for new training courses, the competition to appear on the front page of Google is raging. Today, it is no longer enough to rely solely on a loyal customer base. 

With the new version of the personal training account (CPF), everyone is led to buy training courses without going through their company's training department or an institutional player. From now on, when a person is looking for a training course, it is quite naturally that he or she goes to Google.

Have your training courses well referenced in Google through the establishment of a first Google Ads campaign has become a real strategic business issue. Indeed, the choice of training and the training organization often proves to be a puzzle . 

With a growing offer of training courses on Google, it is essential to simplify the search for Internet users, and to appear at the top of the ranking. The faster they find what they are looking for, the more likely they are to buy!

What are the benefits of a Google Adwords campaign?

More than 40 % of users click on one of the first 4 links in Google search results. For 50 %s of them, there is no difference between the Adwords ads (sponsored links) and natural research results (SEO).

Benchmarking Adwords referencing is therefore the ideal solution for all organizations providing training, known and sought after by their target customers! Here are the 5 main reasons to use the paid referencing of Google Adwords.

Gain immediate visibility

Choosing to develop its training activity through a Adwords campaignthat's the guarantee of quick results ! To be well referenced on search engines takes time, so even though SEO is not to be neglected, the results are visible in the long term. 

Without forgetting that positioning on certain competitive keywords can sometimes be very difficult... If you are looking for an quick fixAdwords is the tool for you! From Google Ads training exist to teach boost his traffic with the ASP.

Getting qualified traffic

Create a first Google Ads campaign is an excellent way toincrease the number of visitors to its websitewith the advantage that they are more qualified. 

Little reminder shot: " qualified traffic is the number of Internet users who have come to visit your website voluntarily and are genuinely interested in its content or in the products and services you sell. ».

Associated with effective landing pages and a relevant keyword campaign, this increase in qualified traffic naturally leads to an increase in the number of prospects.

If your Adwords campaign is well conducted, your visitors will more easily become customers. This system allows you to acquire leads, requests for quotes, and training purchases faster!

A very fine targeting of visitors 

It is possible to refine its Google Ads targeting according to :

  • the search object of the Internet user: if your bid on the keyword is sufficient, it will lead to the display of your newspaper advert.
  • its geolocation: you have the possibility to limit the field of your ad by reducing its diffusion (50 km around Paris...).
  • its behaviour (remarketing): for example, choose to target Internet users who have already visited your website without having made a purchase.
  • the type of device used. 

Get complete control of your budget 

There is no minimum amount of expenditure for create a Google Ads campaign. So you can choose how much to spend per month, per day and per ad! 

Moreover, you only pay when the expected result (click, print, conversion) is achieved. Indeed, when creating Google ads in Adwords, you will have to adopt an bidding strategy : cost per click, cost per print, cost per acquisition, etc. 

If no one clicks, sees, or does a specific action on your website after going to your ad, you simply won't pay!

Achieve a measurable return on investment (ROI)

If you decide to set up a first Google Ads campaign for your web strategy, you will be able to appreciate the fallout and the first results less than 24 hours after the publication of your ad: number of clicks, number of impressions, number of conversions... 

If you are considering a promotion on your training courses, you have the possibility to increase your AdWords budget...or reduce it if you're going into an off-peak period.

Return on investment Google Ads campaign

Be aware that there are Google Partner certified webmarketing agenciess, able to help you with the implementation and the management of online advertising campaigns. They are also able toanalyze the return on investment (KING) and return your Adwords campaign more efficient!

Would you like to calculate the budget for your Adwords advertising campaigns? We have what you need! >> Staenk Budget Calculator

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