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How long does it take to optimize Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns?

Time to optimize a Google Ads campaign

For the past two years, marketing experts and SEA estimates that the return on investment for Google Ads (formerly Adwords) ads is 200%. In concrete terms, this means that for every 1€ invested, an advertiser earns an average of 2€ through its advertisements. To achieve this, it is necessary to optimize its Google Ads campaign.

This result is effectively acquired over time. A Google Ads campaign remains, certainly, one of the shortest ways to increase brand awareness, boost sales or improve traffic on your website. However, Google Ads do not reach their peak of efficiency right away.

In particular, you have to wait for the Google algorithm to go through them with a fine-tooth comb. When it has collected enough data to help you better set up your advertising campaign, it then provides you with an "optimization score". You can then make the necessary changes so that your PPC campaign (Pay Per Click) is more effective.

How long does this process of optimizing Google Ads campaigns take?

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How long for the Google algorithm to evaluate the campaign?

You have created a Google Ads account (formerly Adwords) and launched an advertising campaign. You have waited a while for your ads to be validated. Your campaign has finally been accepted, and has now been broadcasting for a few days. However, the process of starting your advertising strategy does not stop there.

In order for you to consider your Google Ads campaign as successful, it must first pass through the hands of the Californian giant. Google's algorithm collects data about your businessyour reputation, your potential market and your targets. It then cross-references all this with the parameters of your PPC campaign (Pay Per Click).

Google recommendations for optimizing a Google Ads campaign
Google's assessment translates into recommendations and optimization score Google Ads campaigns ©Google

How long does it take for the Google algorithm to collect all the necessary information? It is estimated that this procedure takes an average of 7 days. Of course, this time varies from one business to another. There are therefore many factors that can slow down this evaluation phase and push back the optimization of Google Ads campaigns:

  • if your keywords involve low search volumes;
  • if the target audience is small;
  • when the Google Ads budget is tight;
  • when a company expects conversions over a variable or very long buying cycle.

Google Ads Campaign Optimization Score: What to expect?

Once the Google Ads algorithm has done its work to estimate the potential effectiveness of your advertising campaign, it provides you with an optimization score. This appears in the column of the same name, as shown below. This score is measured on a scale from 0 to 100%, 100% being the maximum value. A CPAP campaign rated at 70% or higher is therefore very likely to perform well.

Score d'optimisation of Google Ads campaigns
Display of the Google Ads campaign optimization score in the Google Ads interface Google

Should all Google Ads recommendations be applied? Not necessarily. These tips can point you to relevant keywords you might not have thought of. However, Google's recommendations remain the results of an algorithm, automated or semi-automated as the case may be. Only you and/or your marketing agency really know whether these suggestions are relevant to your advertising goals.

How to optimize a Google Ads campaign quickly?

Once the Google Ads algorithm has evaluated your PPC campaign and you have decided which recommendations you will take into account, the time it takes to optimize Google Ads campaigns depends on the work to be done. Depending on the elements you decide to modify, the process is logically longer. To optimize a Google Ads campaign, you can act on :

Each element you change involves a revaluation by the algorithmThis means a further delay of one to two weeks before you know whether your sponsored links campaign is effective.

All these elements taken into account, how long does it take to optimize a Google Ads campaign permanently? The answer varies, of course, depending on the advertisers, but a period of 2 or 3 months seems reasonably necessary to refine each parameter. Some large campaigns may need more time, sometimes a year, before they really reach their commercial objectives.

FAQ on the time to optimize Google Ads

How long does it take to launch a Google Ads campaign?

A Google advertising campaign can be launched very quickly. However, it requires prior thought and a sometimes time-consuming editorial effort.

How much time per week should I allow to manage a Google Ads campaign?

Again, the answer depends on the scope of your business objectives and the state of your destination website. In the start-up phase, the parameterization of a Google Ads campaign can thus vary between 5 and 45 hours of parameterization, which can be modulated according to the knowledge that the advertiser has of the platform and how it works. Thereafter, we generally count 1 to 2 hours per week to optimize Google Ads campaigns effectively.

Where to find Google Ads recommendations?

Traditionally, to view all Google Ads recommendations, you just need to go to your administrator account and click on the "Recommendations" tab at the top left. However, Google's tips are becoming more and more visible. You can also see them in your notifications (the bell-shaped icon in the top right corner), or as windows in the Settings and in the "Campaigns" tab.

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