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Paid referencing: 5 tips and best practices

SEA referencing tips

A community management ASP referencing (Search Engine Advertising) well optimized allows websites to position yourself on relevant keywords for the company's activity and sought after by the brand's target audience. However, how can you stand out from the crowd when you work with the same keywords as the competition? In this article, we deliver 5 tips to put into practice to give another dimension to your SEA referencing strategy! 

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Refine targeting and work on local ASP referencing 

To give another dimension to your SEA referencing campaigns, a good advice, work on the targeting of your ads. Google wants to show users the results that match their queries. To do this, it provides advertisers who use its Google Ads tool with audience targeting parameters. Indeed, depending on the geographical area you enter, your ad will not be displayed in the same way. Also, define precisely the broadcasting area that you target for your ads. 

Also, local ATS referencing is a strategy to implement if you want to bring back some skilled in-store traffic if you have physical shops or if you do an activity that has a local benefit (for example, lavender in Provence if you are a soap or lavender-based products shop). So target the area that includes the Provence region for your SEA listing ads.

In addition, be sure to display the right language according to your targeting : ads must be written in English if you are broadcasting in the UK, ads must not be displayed in French on this area. 

tips for paid search engine optimization SEA
SEA referencing: tips and good practices

Exclude keywords not relevant to Google

When you launch an SEA referencing campaign, you tend to want to work with generic keywords to be sure to reach a maximum audience. This is a real strategic mistake. Indeed, if you target generic keywords you will certainly manage to generate traffic on your site, however there is a good chance that it is not qualified traffic. That is to say that Internet users will visit your destination page without continuing their navigation or convert further, which may result in increase your bounce rate.

We therefore advise you to avoid overly generic keywords and to favour a keyword exclusion strategy. Fill in directly in the Google Ads tool the list of keywords on which you do not want to position yourself: this will allow you not to lose money by appearing on searches unnecessarily. 

Favour long tail keywords

This trick follows logically from the previous one. The vast majority of advertisers don't even think about it, and yet! Long tail keywords ensure a better ROIThe reason for this is that they better target the Internet user's intention to buy or search. If you can, choose niche keywords with very little competition. 

Be strategic with Google broadcast schedules

Be aware that your audience is doing their research at a specific time on a specific day. It is essential that you test your Internet users to determine the time they are most sensitive to click and thus optimize your ads. at their convenience. The periods of the year (school holidays, holiday seasonThe use of the "Black Friday", "Black Friday", etc.) has a huge impact on user behavior. Be prepared to spend more budget according to the period of the year that brings you the most revenue. 

Evaluate your performance regularly

There is no secret: a successful ATS referencing strategy is one whose results are regularly monitored. Take the time to make the necessary updates to adjust and optimize your campaigns and your budget dedicated to your ads and keywords. 


If an ATS listing strategy is a powerful lever to maximize the conversion rateIt also makes it difficult for companies to position themselves on expensive keywords that are already saturated by competition. To succeed in standing out from the crowd, it is better to opt for the long tail strategy, opting for better targeting and local referencing while regularly monitoring its performance. It is as your campaigns progress that you will be able to draw the right conclusions and adjust if necessary your keywords and your dedicated budget. 

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