What tools should you use for your ASP?

ASP tools

In this article we recommend 4 powerful SEA tools to monitor the results of your SEA campaigns. For a search engine optimization it is essential to collect the data that will give you the information you need to be successful. an overview of the keywords of your business and will allow you to better manage your campaigns. Here are the 4 tools that we believe are essential to monitor the performance of your SEA strategy.

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SEMrush: a reference SEA (and SEO) analysis tool

We no longer present SEMrush: one of the leading tools on the market of paid and natural referencing on search engines. This SEA tool offers a detailed analysis report on the SEA campaigns present on the keywords of your market, therefore often those of your competitors. SEMrush gives you access to the texts of the ads positioned on the keywords, as well as the allocated budget. 

On the tool, you will be able to search the volume of a keyword, its competition rate and its CPC (cost per click). The SEMrush tool suggests the best keywords with low competition, long tail keywords as well as expressions related to the keywords you are targeting. We advise you to opt for niche keywords to be able to easily position your site on the targeted keywords. 

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Precise planning with Google Keyword Planner

Google makes its keyword planning tool available to all users of its AdWords platform. Google Keyword Planner is particularly easy to use and very reliable in terms of volume and competition since it is the data provided by Google. 

With this SEA tool, you will be able to know the essential data on a keyword : 

  • competition on the keyword
  • cost per click 
  • relevance
  • the CPC of the keywords searched by the user
  • similar or related keywords to the original query

This tool is particularly interesting because it allows you to get a traffic simulation and estimated cost to get a better view of your strategy. 

Myposeo: tracking positions on SEA keywords

The main strength of this tool is the advanced tracking functionality. On a daily basis, you can follow the evolution of your positions on the keywords and paid ads you have created. In addition, you have visibility on your competitors' ads: you can add your direct competitors within the tool to be able to compare your performance to theirs.

In addition to positioning, you will be able to track numerous KPIs :

  • attendance ratio
  • traffic share
  • ad content: text, landing pages, ad extensions

Finally, you can combine the SEA and SEO keyword tracking in order to work in synergy these two SEO strategies and correct the weak points of your campaigns. 

ASP tools
What tools should you use for your paid search engine optimization strategy?

Ranxplorer: the powerful and accessible ASP tool

This SEA tool targets the French user market, so it is a great advantage if your target is in France. Ranxplorer allows you to know on which keywords a site is positioned on Google AdWords, yours as well as those of your competitors. 

The tool classifies the domains that are positioned on a targeted keyword by domain rankThis allows you to see the positions won or lost on your competitors. 

With this tool you will be able to : 

  • have an overview of your site's visibility on search engines 
  • view organic and paid traffic
  • know the number of paid visits
  • discover pay-per-click keywords
  • estimating the ASP budget of an area 
  • see the evolution of the traffic in graphical form
  • understand the proportions of SEO/SEA traffic

What to do with the data from these AES tools?

Collecting all of this ATS data allows you to monitor the positioning of your site as well as Google's paid ads on very competitive keywords. 

Having an eye on your competitors' SEA keyword strategy allows you to draw inspiration from their strategy and adapt it to yours. Indeed, you will be able to decide to adjust the allocated budget based on the information you have collected through this data. 

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Tracking the performance of its effective paid search engine optimization campaigns allows you to optimize them and adjust your budget accordingly. The SEA tools allow you to analyse and monitor daily the competitive environment of your keywords in order to maximize your ROI. 

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