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What does "Under Review" mean on Google Ads?

under review

You have created your campaigns SEA and you just recorded them. Now you're waiting for them diffusion. However, you realize that these are not yet visible because they are marked as "Under Review" on Google Ads. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the notion of "review" by Google before your campaigns are approved. 

Guarantee the security and relevance of your ads

You have written and validated your ads based on Google's best practices regarding paid referencing. In this case, you can be pretty sure that your ads will be validated the first time by Google. However, Google reserves the right to verify the security and relevance of your ads to the Internet users before putting them online. Under normal circumstances, ads are marked as "Under Review" for the duration of the review process. 24 hoursIt takes one working day before they are released. 

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How does the ad approval process work? 

The ad approval process is fairly straightforward. Once you've created your ad (or modified an already approved ad), you save it and it automatically goes through Google's approval process. They will review the entire content of your ads 

  • the title
  • the description
  • the destination page
  • keywords 
  • the images
  • the videos
  • extensions

The status of your ads is indicated as "Under Review" throughout the approval process. 

The ad is either "approved" or "declined".

In order for your ad to be put online, it must be marked as "approved" by Google Ads. Otherwise, it is marked as "declined" and will not be published on the web. Typically, Google will send an notification to users of its platform to let them know that their ad has been refused with instructions on how to modify the ad so that it complies with Google's rules. 

For how long is my ad listed as "Under Review"? 

The average time for an advertisement to go from "Under Review" to "Validated" or "Rejected" is 24 working hours. However, some ads require more time for Google to verify. We advise you to wait 48 hours before contacting the Google Support to unblock the situation. 

under review on Google Ads

Some checks to do if your ads are not broadcast 

If you notice that your ads are not shown or refused by Google, here are some points to check: 

  • your bids are too low: increase your CPC to launch the broadcast
  • change the targeting and enlarge the search area
  • check that you have entered the correct release dates 
  • your account Google Ads may encounter a technical problem: consult Google support

Avoid looking for your own ads

As an advertiser, you may want to check that your ads are displayed on the selected keywords. However, we strongly advise you not to do so. Indeed, it has a negative impact on performances of your campaigns. Keep in mind that Google considers you as an Internet user like any other: you make a search and it will give you the results that match your query. However, if it is your ads that are displayed, you will not click on them for the simple reason that you want to save your budget. Unfortunately, Google remembers that according to your profile, the ad does not correspond to you. This therefore penalizes the quality level of your ad by lowering the rate of clicks on your ad. For the next few clicks, you may have to pay a little more to maintain your position. 


With this article, we should have answered many of your questions about the "Under Review" status of your ads. If you notice after one business day that your ads are not running and have not changed their status (neither approved nor denied) then you can contact Google Support. Finally, avoid checking the display of your ads so as not to disrupt the dissemination statistics of your campaigns. 

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