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Presentation of Google Ads Editor: advantages and disadvantages

Google ads Editor advantages disadvantages

Google Ads Editor is a free tool that Google has designed to help its users manage their adwords campaigns easily. The application is usable on all devices: computer, tablet and smartphone. It can also be used on all operating systems: Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android. Its main objective is to save time in the management of campaigns. SEA and specifically Google Ads.

The interface is thus particularly useful for people who use several accounts to broadcast different Google Ads campaigns. The tool also adapts well to cases where the lists of ads or keywords are long. Google Ads Editor then offers features that facilitate the life of managers of advertising campaigns.

However, it is also a rather complex tool, whose regular updates can sometimes slow down or complicate its execution.

Google Ads Editor: many advantages for large adwords campaigns

Google Ads Editor is available to all Google Adwords account managers. However, according to Google itself, the tool is more useful for advertisers who have several Google Ads accounts linked to different campaigns.

The advantages of the paid referencing interface seen by Google

Before downloading Google Ads Editor, you access a set of texts that GAFA uses to enhance its management tool for paid search engine optimization campaigns. Google highlights the following features in particular:

  • a multi-account management that saves time and does not require you to log out between each account ;
  • grouped and automated modifications to avoid multiplying the manipulations;
  • effectiveness statistics for all campaigns or for sub-categories of campaigns;
  • possible offline work;
  • the opportunity to import and export files to edit a Google Ads account.

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The perfect tool to optimize your Google Ads keywords and budget

In use, it appears that the two central advantages of Google Ads Editor for heavy users of Adwords campaigns remain to be save time and optimize AES budget management (Search Engine AdvertisingThis is the budget reserved for search engine advertising).

Paid referencing represents a non-negligible marketing cost, which Google Ads Editor makes it possible to control in detail. With this tool, SEOs have access to a fine management of keywords related to each Google Ads campaign. One of the main features of the interface allows to identify duplicate keywords, or on the contrary absent keywords. Google's solution then notifies you of the problem, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses and missed investments.

How Google Ads Editor works
The functioning of Google Ads Editor detailed on help support ©Google

The Google Ads Editor features that allow you to better control your budget of paid referencing are numerous:

  • The interface helps you to determine the cost per click of each keyword according to your criteria: conversion rate or click rate, for example ;
  • the solution identifies useless or performing keywords, according to the click rates of each ad ;
  • you also access a "quality score"for each keyword. This rating from 1 to 10 allows you to control the effectiveness of your campaigns;
  • Adwords Editor also allows you to test paid search engine optimization campaigns before launching them, to accurately measure the investments to be made;
  • Once your advertising campaigns have been deployed, the interface measures the performance of each of them and informs you of its conclusions via the "Comments" window.

What are the limits for google Ads editor?

Is the interface suitable for ASP novices?

The main disadvantage of Google Ads Editor is also that of Adwords campaigns: the tool remains quite complex to handle for a beginner in paid search engine optimization. A Google Ads campaign represents costs, which rise quickly and sometimes unnecessarily if advertising campaigns are badly set up. This ATS software is therefore not necessarily relevant for novice advertisers, who launch a single campaign of just a few keywords.

Precise management of Google Adwords advertising campaigns
Google Ads Editor is a useful tool for a wide use of Google Ads (visual ©Google)

Are all Google ads supported by Google Ads Editor?

For more seasoned users, it should be pointed out here that - although version 12.6 of Google Ads Editor is very advanced - it still doesn't take into account certain types of advertisements, including :

  • ads generated via the display Google;
  • ads about a smartphone app;
  • the product groups of the Google Shopping campaigns.

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What are the most common difficulties encountered with this advertising management tool?

Like all digital tools that often evolve, regular changes in versions of Google Ads Editor can lead to certain specific dysfunctions:

  • error message at the time of installation ;
  • interface execution problem ;
  • difficulty logging in to his Google Ads accounts;
  • problems importing CSV tables.

The Google Ads Editor tool can be downloaded online for free. The easiest and safest way to get it is still to go through Google Ads support.

Versions of Google Ads Editor often evolve. It is important to update the tool regularly to ensure its proper functioning. Google lets its clients follow the evolution of versions on its Google Ads Editor help service.

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