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Tips to Optimize your campaigns on Google Ads?


If you came across this article, you already know what Google Ads is and the -.

In any case, and as a reminder, Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is theadvertising tool of the search engine Google. It allows you to carry out campaigns on the search engine and on partner sites. This technique is called SEA for Search Engine Advertising. Thanks to Google Ads, creating promotional campaigns and broadcasting them online is accessible to everyone.

If you haven't read it, here is our article on how to improve your paid referencing. Here we look at the optimization of Google Ads campaigns.

Indeed, to become truly profitable, your campaigns need to be optimized. Don't be under any illusions, there is no miracle method to make your campaign the best. The only viable solution is to study its results and do tests. There are now a few techniques and rules to apply in order to improve performance. This is why we are going to give you some tips to improve results of your ads on Google Ads and stand out.

Optimize your account structure

In order to improve your SEO strategy, it is common to look at the structure of your website, which should make sense to Google and to your users in order to improve the user experience and, above all, to be better referenced.

On Google Ads, it's the same thing: to increase performance, you need a clear and efficient account structure.

As soon as you start having multiple campaigns running, with multiple ads and keywords, your account can quickly become a disaster zone.

Each campaign must be associated with a specific theme and contain its own ads and keywords. The moment you mix your keywords in your campaigns, they will compete with each other and you will waste your budget.

Your account structure is a considerable criterion in Google's eyes and it is taken into account to determine the Quality Score of your ads. As a reminder, the Quality Score has a direct impact in the propagation of your ads. The higher it is, the more likely your campaign will be distributed and the lower your expenses per click will be. A messy campaign will therefore be more expensive.

Google Ads Evolution

Don't think too much of yourself right from the start

For your first campaigns, it's advisable to limit yourself to the Search Network (also called Search). This is the basis of Google Ads and you need to master this targeting first. To familiarize yourself with the tool, just use Search.

In contrast to the display, prospects on Search are in action researchThey have made a specific request and want an answer to their problem. They are already qualified leads.

When it comes to budgeting, it can be complicated to determine maximum daily expenses. In your first campaigns, you won't really know how much research is being done on your keywords and what the competition might be. To avoid spending all your credit in a few hours or days, set a daily budget that is lower than your exact budget. This will allow you to prevent unnecessary losses while at the same time identify areas for improvement for your campaign.

Making attractive ads that don't lie

An Internet user is subjected to hundreds of ads every day, and in the flow, you have to stand out.

However, on Google Ads, everyone has the same expression zone: a few titles, a few descriptions, extensions, a URL and, in the case of the display, an image.

To be the best, you have to think like your audience To do this, here are a few tips:

  • Integrate your keyword in the title of your ad
  • Highlight benefits in the description (e.g. a possible promotion).
  • Be punchy, you are limited in the number of characters, use them in an optimal way.
  • Add ad extensions to improve your click-through rate by being more visible and accurate

Then, if a user clicks on your ad, he expects to find an answer to his problem. If you bid on a keyword, you must be sure that your ad and landing page will answer the questions related to this keyword. Indeed, if the user does not find the solution he is looking for on your site, he may leave quickly. And in this case, Google will consider that your site does not provide the desired answer and will decrease your Quality Score.

Choose your key words with love and exclude bad students.

The keywords that you naturally think of are very unlikely to be the keywords that your audience will think of. You will need to broaden your vision in order to have a multitude of "doors of entry" for your Internet users. It is also interesting to position yourself on the so-called "long tail" keywords. These are ultra precise expressions, where there is less competition. Even if there is less research on these keywords, they can be attractive because they are less expensive and target users with very specific requests. Example: bid on "White Nike AirMax Basketball size 43″ instead of "Nike Shoes".

There are a multitude of tools at your disposal to find new keywords: Google Keyword Planner (the Google Ads tool), Ubersuggest, Buzzsumo, Answer the Public, …

On the other hand, your keywords may also attract a few prospects who have done a search that is out of sync with your products or services. It is very common for them to have a different meaning for other industries, so it is useful to make sure that you do not receive traffic from Internet users looking for something other than what you offer.

To get an overview of the searches that led to a click on one of your ads, use the " " tab. Search Terms "It is likely that you will immediately spot keywords that are out of sync with your domain.

If you wish to avoid appearing on these queries, you can add key words to exclude This means that when one of these keywords is typed into the search bar, your ad will not be displayed.

Think Outside of the Box

Direct the user to landing pages that convert

The landing page is important for the success of your campaigns. It should really reflect the promise of the ad. It is the gateway to your website for the Internet userso she has to answer her question.

It must also include a Call To Action And don't hesitate to offer other content at the bottom of your landing page.

A finely crafted landing page will increase your conversion rate.

Computer, tablet or mobile?

For some time now, the mobile has been generating more traffic than the computer. It is likely that a majority of your potential customers use a mobile phone to find you, but the results can vary from one device to another.

Firstly, if your site is not yet one, quickly switch it to responsive so that the user experience on a smartphone is optimal.

In order to always get the most out of your account, it may therefore be advisable to separate your computer campaigns from your mobile campaigns. This will allow you to adjust your bids and have a better tracking of your mobile conversion tunnel.

Think local

Google has been focusing on local businesses for years, and the Google Ads tool is also very oriented towards this subject. It allows you to target very precise geographical areas. To increase the opportunities for clicks on your ads, you can therefore adjust your bids according to geolocation, an option that can be particularly recommended for brands with physical points of sale.

Analytics Optimize

And then what?

By following all these tips and tricks, there is a good chance that the performance of your campaigns will improve and you will avoid wasting part of your budget unnecessarily.

It is important to remember that campaigns need to be optimized regularly in order to always remain effective. This requires a real daily commitment and therefore considerable time resources.

At Staenk, we have several skills in paid search engine optimization, but also in natural search engine optimization, consulting or content creation to better understand your strategy.

So, are we discussing your project?

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