How to optimize a Google Shopping campaign?

Optimize Google Shopping Ads

Your Google Shopping campaigns are up and running, but you still need to get traffic and conversion results that match your investment. The effectiveness of Google Shopping campaigns depends above all on the quality of your product flow. For using Google Shopping wellIn order to achieve this, it is essential to master the instructions regarding product attributes. However, there are tools and tips that can boost your Google Shopping campaigns without changing your entire product flow.

Google Merchant Center tools to optimize a campaign

To optimize Google Shopping campaigns, the Google Merchant Center offers three types of tools:

  • the product diagnosis offers a detailed analysis of the product flow to identify product attributes whose configuration impedes the validation of Google Shopping ads;
  • the product advisory programme allows you to display a note to your article in Google Shopping. This note helps to differentiate yourself from the competition. It also encourages the prospect to progress through the buying process.
  • Google Merchant Center also allows you to identify some of your ads as promotionsand thus improve your sales. You can use the promotion tool if you only have a few special offers to offer, or create a promotion flow if the discounts apply to several articles.
L'promotion tool to boost Google Shopping ads
The promotion tool makes it possible to make an ad stand out in Google Shopping results.

Strategies for optimizing a Google Shopping campaign

Google shopping offers the possibility to opt for so-called "intelligent" advertising campaigns, or for so-called "classic" campaigns. The first are based on the learning machine to optimize itself automatically. Traditional campaigns, on the other hand, require mastering the Google Merchant Center. They overlap with broader improvement potential.

What are the improvements on a "smart" Google Shopping campaign?

Smart Google Shopping campaigns are only effective when they are adapted to Google Shopping accounts that have already accumulated dataThe learning machine is of little interest if it has no Google ad campaign history to exploit. Opting for this type of campaign is therefore justified only if the Google Ads account that uses it is relatively old. The learning machine is indeed advantageous only if human intelligence is not sufficient to cross-reference all the data.

For ads from smart campaigns to really optimize, you need to have been using your Google Merchant Center account for some time. One month is the minimum time for an intelligent campaign to improve itself.

Learn more about the how Google Shopping works

A few simple tips to set up

Classic Google Shopping campaigns rely only on human analysis to optimize themselves. Several tips can be used to improve the results of each advertising campaign. However, if the advertiser wishes to analyse its Google Shopping campaigns in depth, it can always entrust its SEA strategy to an agency such as Staenk.

An improvement track for the boldest of the brave

Our first piece of advice goes a little against the grain. It's about lower product prices sold via Google Shopping ads.

Google Shopping actually works in such a way that it better positions ads that display cheaper prices than the competition. It can therefore be useful to play, even occasionally, on a aggressive price war strategy. This positioning does not apply, of course, if the risks of a levelling down of prices are too pronounced.

Key factors to optimize a Google Shopping campaign
Most search results on the Google Shopping tab show that the best positioned ads are either promotions, items with customer reviews, or low prices.

The logic of this strategy is not based on the premise that Google values low prices. However, Google is in a better position ads that attract clicks. It so happens that these also turn out to be the advertisements that offer better prices. If you opt for this trick, remember, however, to align the prices displayed on your website.

The most common Google Shopping optimization leads

A proven tip for optimizing your Google Shopping campaigns is to exclude keywords that do not generate qualified traffic. You should therefore be regularly interested in the queries that drive traffic to your e-commerce site.

Another strategy that pays off is to segment the Google Shopping campaign according to the business objectives of each product group. A reasoned budget should therefore be allocated according to each objective. For example investing more in flagship products...that have already proven themselves. This trick allows you to generate advertising revenues that amortize the risks associated with another group of less secure ads, for example ads promoting new products.

Finally, in terms of targeting, the advertiser can test two tactics for optimizing its Google Shopping campaigns :

  • add "market hearings" to its Google Shopping campaigns allows you to target prospects interested in items close to those you sell;
  • target by "customer list" is, moreover, to provide Google with the emails of its customers and prospects to help the search engine find "similar" targets, and therefore potential prospects.

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Why are the impressions of my Google Shopping campaigns going down?

A drop in impressions of a Google Shopping campaign is often due to errors in the product flow. It is therefore advisable to check in the Google Merchant Center that certain products have not been rejected.

How often should I send product feeds to Google Shopping?

Google Shopping values up-to-date product data. The priority therefore lies in this criterion, and in the coherence between the product flow and the data on the e-commerce site.

Do I need to change my bids regularly?

Cost-per-click bids allow you to position yourself better in Google Shopping results than your competition. They are constantly evolving, so you need to keep an eye on them to stay competitive.

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