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How to (well) use Google Ads?

using Google Ads correctly

Google Ads, from its former name Google AdWords, allows advertisers to quickly gain visibility on search engines, partner sites or video platforms such as YouTube. The campaigns of - target Internet users who are looking for your products or services. To do this, each advertiser must define its objectives and parameterize its campaigns according to the specificities of its sector of activity. However, how to ensure a good return on investment? 

In this article, we give you all our tips to succeed in using Google Ads. 

Optimize SEA keywords

One of the common mistakes found in campaigns Google Ads of advertisers (often beginners) is the misuse of ATS keywords. Indeed, some advertisers choose keywords without prior research, without making sure that these keywords correspond to the research intentions of their prospects. On the contrary, go to your competitors' sites to see the keywords worked on their side. Make an audit of the keywords that are interesting for your sector of activity. 

Choosing the right keywords for your business is done by testing and modifying if necessary if they do not perform within the campaigns. We advise you to take into account the following clues when choosing your SEA keywords: 

  • the click rate
  • the conversion rate 
  • cost per acquisition 
  • the level of competition

All of these indices should provide you with the best return on investment. 

Dedicate an ad group by type of offer (products or services) 

Avoid grouping all your keywords in a single ad group, but on the contrary, each type of service or product must have its dedicated campaign. Indeed, if your ad is too general, it will not respond to the Internet user who is looking for a specific product or service. Conversely, the more you divide your ads and your keywords by theme (specific product or service) the easier your campaigns will be to find and the better your return on investment will be. 

using Google Ads correctly
How to (well) use Google Ads?

Optimize the geographic targeting of campaigns 

In order to use Google Ads properly, you need to master the essential functionality of the geographic targeting. Indeed, if you only distribute your products or services in a certain geographical area, there is no need for them to appear in another. 

To do this, it is very important to understand the geographic targeting options offered by Google Ads : 

  • Internet users located/interested in the targeted area
  • people located in or frequently visiting the target area
  • those searching in the targeted areas 

Test advertising platform updates

We advise you to keep up to date with platform updates in order to take advantage of innovations in terms of functionalities for your campaigns. Indeed, Google listens to advertisers (its customers) and improves its service offer to make the ads more relevant. 

Tracking performance to maximize ROI

To use Google Ads properly, you need to be able to track your ROI, keyword by keyword. To achieve this, we advise you to isolate your best performing keywords to maximize their ROI by having a more refined management. auction. You will also be able to rework the text of a sub-optimized ad.

Also, spot the keywords that don't perform: pause or delete them to avoid spending your budget unnecessarily. 

Using retargeting

By using retargeting, you make it easier to transform your visitors as customers. Also, use your site's statistics to target the visits that have taken place from your Google Ads ads.


A poorly managed ASP campaign can quickly become expensive if it does not pay off. So you need to pay attention to your results. Modify the keywords purchased to achieve your goals as needed. Using Google Ads well is the key to a winning advertising campaign. Not only will you attract more visitors to your site, but more importantly you will attract qualified traffic that will convert. 

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