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How much time should you give to your Google Ads campaigns?

Google AdWords campaigns

Google Ads campaigns allow companies to gain visibility, collect emails and increase online sales. The most complicated will not be to launch a campaign SEAbut actually from monitor in order to maximize his ROI. Indeed, setting up the AdWords platform can be complex and time-consuming for some companies. In this article, we advise you on how best to invest your time in your Google AdWords campaigns. 

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How much time should I spend per month on a Google AdWords campaign? 

It is difficult to quantify an average time because ATS campaigns depend on a number of parameters that vary from company to company. If we had to give a range, in order for the return on investment to be interesting on your Google AdWords campaigns, we advise you to allow between 2 and 8 hours per month for the follow-up of your campaigns, depending on the number of your campaigns. 

A good budget - time - expertise ratio

More the parameters of your ads are detailedThe higher the return on investment, the higher the return on investment, because your site will appear on the right requests. In contrastIf you do not have a basic configuration, you may be tempted to make unnecessary queries and lose budget. 

The ideal advice we can give you is to allocate a balanced ratio between the budget allocated, the time spent and the expertise of the person in charge of your ASP. Using a freelance SEA expert or a specialised agency will allow you to set up, monitor and control Google AdWords campaigns so that you can fully exploit the platform's functionalities. 

How many Google Ads campaigns should I launch per month? 

It is useless to multiply your Google AdWords campaigns to maximize your ROI, on the contrary, it should be done according to your needs. Indeed, depending on the volume of keywords, the structure of your site, or the budget allocated, you will not launch the same number of campaigns as your competitors. It can be interesting to launch distinct campaigns with a different bidding strategy to allow you to compare results and choose in fine the strategy that best suits your business. It's all about common sense. 

Google AdWords campaigns
How much time should you give to your Google Ads campaigns?

How long before my first Google Adwords campaign is online? 

Your ad will air within the hour once validated, barring any anomaly. If you schedule your Google Ads campaign at a later date, in this case it is marked "pending". If you want to stop a campaign in time, at a specific date, you can fill it in on the platform. This feature is particularly useful for seasonal products or for events. 

Why don't you (always) see your Google Ads?

Very often, the advertiser wants to check whether he appears on his keywords. However, most of the time he will not see his own campaigns even if all the settings are good. Why this? Simply because the advertiser who sees his site will not click on the ad (he would spend his budget unnecessarily) so Google locates his IP address and will deduce that the ad does not interest him: he will propose others. 

Seeing one's own ads is not interesting, because Google offers accurate performance statistics ads via Analytics and AdWords. 

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Your Google AdWords campaigns allow you to be present on your chosen queries almost instantly in search results. The amount of time you can spend tracking your campaigns varies depending on the number of campaigns and the budget allocated. We advise you to devote your time to developing a paid search engine optimization strategy, but also a natural search engine optimization strategy in order to perpetuate your visibility in search results. 


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