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How to choose your keywords on Google Ads?

choose your Google Ads keywords

So that a campaign SEA is performing, you must strategically choose your Google Ads keywords and regularly check that they perform. However, when you're just starting out and have little experience in ASP, it can sometimes be complicated to choose your keywords wisely. This article is designed to help you choose the right keywords. relevant keywords for your business. 

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Validate the relevance of keywords

Of course, you must choose the keywords relevant to your activity. Keep in mind that the keywords you buy must match the products and services you offer. It is therefore useless for you to buy keywords only if they are can to your business. On the contrary, you need to target research intent of your prospects to make sure you convert. 

Choose your keywords according to the search volume

In order to choose your keywords correctly, you must obviously take into account the number of searches each month according to the target country. Take into account that a keyword with a too low volume will not drain any traffic to your site. Pay attention to spelling variations: sometimes a term will be more sought after by your target with an "s" or without, with a hyphen or without etc... 

However, some keywords that only generate 100 searches per month attract traffic and convert: they correspond to niche keywords. These keywords are searched for by Internet users with a specific intention to buy. It is therefore important, if your business lends itself to it, to include them in your SEA campaigns. 

Monitor the competition index on keywords 

Volumetry only makes sense if it is compared with the competition index. The latter makes it possible to know the number of competitors who are positioned on the same keyword. The closer this index is to 100, the more difficult it is considered to be, as many competitors are already positioning themselves on it. Indeed, Google Ads works with a bidding system: so the more competitive a keyword is, the more bids are likely to rise. The Cost per Click of the campaign will therefore be higher. It is therefore useful to work with keywords that have a low competition index. Indeed, they will allow you to position yourself more easily on it. 

choose your keywords SEA
How to choose your keywords on Google Ads?

Working on your keywords on the landing page

Your keywords must be worked on within the text of your ad. Also, they must be worked on the landing page that you are linking to your ad. Otherwise, there is a high risk that the user will leave the page without even visiting other pages. This may increase the bounce rate, which is bad for your website's statistics. 

So make sure that your ad is consistent with the page you display behind the click. Do not link to the home page: this page is far too generic. Also, don't link to a category page if you are targeting a particular product; instead, display the product sheet. 

Take into account that the more your ad is considered as quality by Google, the more costs are reduced. Moreover, the more your ad is considered by Google to be of high quality, the lower the costs, the better the position of your ad in future Internet requests.

Selecting the right keyword match

Pay attention to the correspondence of keywords. Indeed, on the platform, if you select only the "exact keyword" match, your ad will only be seen by Internet users having typed precisely the request. To ensure that your campaign reaches a wider audience, choose the "broad query keyword" correspondence. The "broad query modifier" and "exact phrase" options allow your ad to be displayed to people who have searched for related phrases and variations of your keyword. 

Exclude keywords 

Choosing your Google Ads keywords is also choosing the keywords you do not want to appear on. This will allow you to gain relevance and above all, it will save you from lose budget unnecessarily. 

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To set up a Google Ads campaign and make the right choice of keywords, there is no absolute rule. On the contrary, you will have to test the different possibilities on the long term and move towards the strategy that works best for your business. 

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