How to pass the Google Ads certification?

Google Ads certification

Google Ads allows you to promote a product, a service, a brand or a commercial operation on search engines. A campaign SEA successful allows you to display a site at the top of the research results and to be in first position on the request typed by the Internet user.

Whether you are a business manager or a paid search engine optimization consultant, passing a Google Ads certification will allow you to verify your technical skills in ATS and train you to improve your knowledge. 

How does Google Ads certification work? 

It is an MCQ available on the website of Google's platform dedicated to the training on its tools: Skillshop. Before you become certified, you will complete a training program before taking online exams. The big plus? The courses and exams are completely free and you can take them whenever and wherever you want. 

Register to the training 

You will need a Google account to take the training. Go to Skillshop and choose Google Ads. Good to know before you sign up: you need to master a minimum of the Google Ads tool in order to obtain your certification. 

How long does Google Ads training take?

The training lasts 16 hours before you can take the certification. The certification consists of several exams, each of which lasts between 2.6 and 4.7 hours. These are exams of beginner's level and the validity of the Google certification is one-year.

The best training courses in paid search engine optimization to discover in this article

How to pass the Google Ads certification
How to pass the Google Ads certification?

What are the exams that lead to Google Ads certification? 

Google Ads Certification for Search Network Advertising

In this module, you will learn to master the concept of Google search network. This one is composed of Google's website and those of its partners. The commercial links are displayed in search results as well as on partner sites according to users' requests and advertisers' bids. 

Google Ads certification for advertising on the Display Network

This certification will allow you to learn how to create graphical ads and to manage the specialized targeting. You will have a better understanding of Display issues and personalised audiences. 

AdWords Certification for Mobile Advertising

It is essential for an e-commerce site to master the world of mobile advertising. The training exposes the proportions of searches that are made on mobile. It emphasizes the importance of having a site adapted to the responsive navigationwhich means that it fits all devices. 

Google Ads Certification for Video Advertising 

You will see in detail the role of video ads on YouTube and the Display Network, but also learn how to create and manage video ad campaigns. You will discover the methods used to measure ad performance and how to optimize your campaigns. 

Certification on Shopping Ads

Mastering Google Shopping is essential for managing purchases and visits to your site after a click on one of your Google Shopping ads. With this training module, you will learn how to better target your customersYou can also use our search engine to automatically update your products on Google, get qualified visitors, etc. 

Our latest tips before you get certified 

There's no secret: to pass your Google AdWords certification, you need to prepare for your exams beforehand. Avoid a series of courses and exams. Instead, take the time to assimilate the newly acquired skills, even if it means spreading out your training hours over time. By following the training courses offered, you will be able to take advantage of these new skills and then apply them for your website or for your customers if you are an ASP consultant. 


Once you pass the Google AdWords certification, you can proudly display it on your business card, on your social networks, but also on your CV. It's a skill that will set you apart from your professional network. The big plus of this training offered by Google is that you don't need to pass all the certifications at the same time. You can therefore go at your own pace in order to assimilate data well of this training.


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