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How to make money with Google Ads?

how to earn l'money with Google Ads

Google AdWords allows a company to gain notoriety very quickly. By optimizing your campaigns SEAyou can convert and a fortiori earn a lot of money, provided you know how to use this tool efficiently. In this article, we show you how to make money with Google Ads by respecting several essential prerequisites. 

Select relevant keywords for Google Ads

To earn money with Google Ads, you must first select relevant keywords for your business via the Google Adwords planning tool. Indeed, the pages of your website will be positioned on the strategic keywords that your target tends to search for on the Google search engine. The objective is tooptimize the conversion rate of your keywords at the best price. 

Note that generic keywords are very competitive and therefore cost more to display your site on them. Opt for more targeted keywords, such as niche keywords or keywords with a lower competitive index. Let's take this example: the keyword "women's clothing" is very generic, therefore highly competitive. If you choose a more specific keyword such as "women's sportswear" you will optimize your conversion rate without spending your entire budget: your Adwords campaigns will in fact be more profitable. 

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Write relevant announcements

To engage the click and maximize your conversion rate, your Google Ads ads must be optimized. Write your ad keeping in mind that you must make the user want to click on your keyword and choose to visit your site rather than your competitor's site. 

Using the example of "women's sportswear", here is an example of relevant ad text:

Ad title: Women's sportswear - (your brand name)

Description: Order women's sportswear on special offer online at (your brand name) ✓ Free shipping and returns ✓ More than 1000 items online!

The graphic elements within the ad catch the eye of the Internet user and make it possible to locate the ad in the middle of others, while the message is clear, concise, and makes you want to click when you're in the target with intent to buy. 

Optimize your landing pages to make money 

Some Google Ads campaigns are launched without having worked on the optimization of the landing page (destination page) that will be displayed after the click of the ad. Big mistake! The Internet user who has clicked on an ad and who does not find the content that makes sense following his request, will leave the page without even having visited other pages of the site, which is very bad for the bounce rate

Take into account the fact that Google measures the cost per click and the position of an Adwords campaign: a well-optimized page is therefore a lower cost per click and a better position of the ad. Indeed, Google verifies the Quality Score of your site by ensuring consistency between the ad and the target page. 

make money with Google AdWords
How to make money with Google Ads?

Understand how to calculate Google metrics

To earn money with Google Ads, you must be able to measure the performance of each of your ads during and at the end of your campaigns. This will allow you to maximize their effectiveness and generate qualified traffic. To do this, we advise you to follow the KPIs of your ads in a manual and regular way, after a few days of diffusion of your campaigns, be attentive:

  • to the keywords you work on: remove ads from the least relevant keywords to focus your budget on the ones that are performing 
  • Timetables: some ads are more viewed at certain times than others, avoid running ads at times when no one clicks on them.
  • to the geographical area: notice the performing geographical areas and focus on these areas

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Bonus mini-FAQ: how to earn money with Adsense? 

Since you are interested in making money with Google, we decided to deliver a bonus to earn money by coupling your Adwords strategy to another Google tool, Adsense. Here are the questions that come up most often on the subject, and our answers: 

1. AdSense is perhaps the most popular way to make money online, how to work online for Google and make money with AdSense?

If you have a blog or a site, you may be interested in the Adsense strategy. Adsense is Google's advertising agency which displays ads and advertisements on affiliated websites. 

For example, when a company or brand launches a Google Ads campaign to promote the offers and products of its website, Adsense chooses the affiliated websites on which ads and ads will be displayed, based on the keywords selected by the company or brand. The sites and blogs that host the ads of the brands are remunerated: this allows them to earn (sometimes a lot) of money with Google. 

2. What do you need to make money with AdSense?

The procedure is very simplified, all you have to do is register with the Google Adsense program. All you have to do is embed a piece of code on your site or blog for the ads to display. 

For Adsense to choose your site to display its ads or at least offers to display on your site, you must work on content and keywords related to Google Ads ads. Your articles must therefore be of quality and original. The remuneration from Google Adsense ads will depend on the location chosen on your site. Indeed, advertisements will have more weight and will be more effective if they are placed in the left column of your site or in the middle of your content. 


In order to make money with Google Ads, you will need to spend a lot of time upfront on developing and planning your ATS strategy. During Google Ads campaigns and at the end, you will need to analyze the metrics to readjust if necessary. 

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