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How to make paid referencing?

How to make paid referencing?

Benchmarking or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) refers to paid search engine advertising. Paid referencing allows companies to position their website on keywords searched for by their target audience in the pages of search engines.

This strategy makes it possible to quickly win conspicuous by attracting a quality traffic on its site, i.e. Internet users with an intention to buy. How to make a paid referencing campaign on Google Ads ? We will answer this question in this article by addressing the essential points of an ASP strategy.

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What is a paid listing? 

First of all, let's look at the different types of ads:

  • text ads: at the top and bottom of search engine pages
  • Google Shopping: the click redirects to the product page 
  • video ads: which load while waiting for other videos or on sites
  • application ads: click redirects to Google Play

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads ads appear at the top and bottom of search engine results. Sponsored links can be recognized by the "ad" mention that precedes them. The position of your ads in the SERPs depends on several criteria: keywords chosen by the advertiser, relevance of the internet user's query and keywords, the bidding, the internet user's browsing behaviour, etc. 

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How to write a Google Ads ad? 

A Google Ads ad consists of the : 

  • ad title: a first title of 30 characters, separated from a second title by a - . 
  • ad description: can contain up to 200 characters 
  • landing page URL 

Example of an optimized advertisement : 

2020 T-shirts - Your Brand Name

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To write a successful Google Ads ad, make sure to : 

  • integrate the targeted keywords
  • deliver clear information to your target
  • encourage clicking with a call to action
  • choose the destination page carefully 

Check that you are correctly integrating theURL from the landing page within the ad. 

How do I create a paid search engine optimization campaign? 

1) Determine your objectives by launching yourself into paid referencing

There's no point in launching a paid search engine optimization campaign if the strategic objectives are not defined upstream. Be aware that in your early days, the returns on your campaigns may be less than your investment. However, with experience, your ASP campaigns will be better optimized and therefore more profitable. 

To define your ASP campaign objectives, ask yourself the right questions: 

  • why advertise on Google? 
  • what is the objective of your company? (gain traffic, awareness, increase sales, create a community)
  • what is the destination page of your ads? is it a sales page, a product sheet, a contact page, a page to capture prospective emails)

2) Create your Google AdWords account 

Sign in to your Google Account to create a Google AdWords account. Fill in your billing information and you can already set up your first paid search engine marketing campaign!

3) Target your audience

To create a successful SEA campaign, you must know your audience : 

  • what target are you addressing? 
  • what are his social characteristics? 
  • what are his drinking habits? 
  • what is the target geographic area? 
  • what is the target language? 
  • what are the keywords your target is looking for? 

4) Define the type of ASP campaign and its distribution network 

Choosing the type of campaign will allow you to choose the network on which it will be broadcast: 

  • search network 
  • Display network 
  • Google Shopping
  • video network

You can set up one display network only or several at a time. Don't forget to choose the type of device too: mobile, tablet, desktop. 

How to make paid referencing?
How to make paid referencing?

5) Choose your keywords strategically

Choosing keywords for its paid referencing ads represents a real challenge for a company or a brand. You have to put yourself in the place of your target to define which expressions and keywords correspond to its requests and purchase intentions. To do this, the Keyword Planning tool within Google AdWords will help you find ideas and traffic forecasts. These keywords will determine when your ads will be published. 

Avoid choosing keywords that are too generic, as they may not bring you qualified traffic to your site. Well-targeted keywords increase the conversion rate. We advise you not to go beyond 20 keywords Select in priority your strategic keywords. 

6) Set the bids for your ads

The principle of paid referencing is based on a bidding system. Each selected keyword can have a maximum amount that you are willing to pay for a click on an ad. Each time a surfer makes a search, keywords compete with each other and this determines the order in which the ads appear.

Define your bids and daily budget when you create your campaign in your AdWords account. The amount of your budget can be changed at any time during the campaign. To learn more, click here.

The most common bidding strategy is Cost Per Click: only the clicks made by your target on your keywords are charged. 

7) Control the budget of your ads

In order for a SEO campaign is profitableyou need to control your costs on a campaign-by-campaign basis. If there is no minimum to spend for a daily budget, you must control your budget throughout your campaigns to monitor whether or not your keywords are performing. If they don't, you need to remove the keywords that are not clicked to focus your budget on those that attract traffic and convert. Small advice to avoid spending the total budget of your campaigns too quickly, put your campaigns in standard delivery mode, this will give you time to readjust your SEO strategy pay serenely. 

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Work your SEA and SEO strategies in synergy

There is often a tendency, and wrongly so, to oppose the strategies of paid and free referencing (also called "natural" or "organic", SEO). 

Where a paid referencing strategy allows to buy media space by paying the search engine (or video platform, social network, etc.) each time the ad generates a click to your site Organic traffic, on the other hand, includes strategies that allow a website to be optimised so thatit appears naturally in the pages of search engines. 

The biggest advantage of AES is without a doubt the rapid gain of visibility for the website and therefore a potentially higher conversion rate. higher. However, its big disadvantage is that when an SEO campaign ends, the traffic generated stops immediately. 

In contrastSEO traffic one perennial traffic It allows you to position yourself longer on a keyword and generate traffic for months or even years. The disadvantage is that it requires technical knowledge sometimes advanced and that the results are subject to the sometimes major updates of the algorithm. 

To acquire quality traffic on your site and sustain the results, we advise you to combine the strengths of these two strategies and thus work both your SEO and your SEA. 


To make paid referencing requires a certain amount of experience in order to strategically adjust the budget of its campaigns.

For your campaigns to be profitable, the content you offer must be goodthe written announcement message must be and make you want to clickas well as your landing pages must be carefully targeted so as not to risk disappointing the Internet user at the time of his visit to your site. Indeed, the user experience must be thought out in advance to guide the Internet user until the purchase is validated.

Finally, if you wish to work on the positioning of your site in a sustainable way, we advise you to work on synergistic paid and free SEO strategies. In the long term, you can hope to reduce the cost of your paid ads and appear permanently on your keywords in the search results pages. 

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