How to make a specification for paid referencing?

to draw up specifications for paid referencing

You've decided to entrust your Google Ads campaign to a web agency, but where do you start? Once you've identified the few digital agencies likely to support you, you'll need to send them a set of specifications for paid referencing. This one is central to help you choose the rare pearl.

This document effectively summarizes all the essential data to understand your company and its expectations in ATS (Search Engine Advertising). Digital agencies use it to offer you an estimate based on your budget and schedule. They also use it to think about the strategy most in line with your brand identity, your targets and your competition.

Providing a very precise SEA specification therefore improves the chances of a successful SEO campaign. It is also the best way to filter the service providers, to choose the one with the skills best suited to your particularities.

Clarify the context of the Google Ads campaign launch

For an effective paid search engine optimization specification, it is necessary to specify the context in which your wish to use Google Ads is born. This is also the time toaddress possible previous AES strategies (Search Engine Advertising) put in place. If they exist, do not hesitate to detail their objectives, their results and the results you have drawn from them.

The objective of this first part is to orient the service of the digital agency in a direction that corresponds to your problems.

Example of Paid Listing Specifications
Examples of information to be provided in a paid listing specification

Schematically, this first part of your SEA specifications can be organized as follows:

  • a quick presentation of the company, its activity and its products and services ;
  • some data on the size of the company and its development projects;
  • a look back at the main competitors;
  • a presentation of the team members responsible for the advertising campaigns and their experiences in the field;
  • a detailed description of the targets;
  • a summary, if any, of past Google Ads campaigns and their results.

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Describe your constraints in your SEA specifications.

Whatever the size of the company that decides to use a web agency for its SEA strategy, it always has constraints in terms of implementation. These benefit from being set out in the specifications for paid referencing in complete transparency.

For example, this may includea particularly tight schedule. This always represents a challenge in paid search engine optimization. Google Ads campaigns do take time. First because Google takes several days to validate them. It is also sometimes necessary to re-set them to meet its recommendations. Google Ads campaigns also require many tests, and therefore many weeks, before they are really broken in.

Create a partnership with a SEA web agency

It may also include limited budget. There is certainly no minimum budget to launch a Google Ads campaign. However, the use of a digital agency costs a certain amount of money. It is good to specify its limits in this matter, if these can be a blocking point.

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The SEA specification is also the place to ask for the quote elements you expect from candidate web agencies. If you are hoping for examples of successful Google Ads campaigns for companies of similar size, target or sector, you can specify it in this section.

Specify the objectives and expected results, while leaving the door open

Google Ads campaigns can be used for different purposes. Google lists as follows several categories of results that can be reached via the SEA platform:

  • improve its notoriety;
  • sell more items ;
  • improve the traffic on the website ;
  • getting contacts from prospects ;
  • promote an application ;
  • get more phone calls.

Depending on your objectives, the types of campaigns that web agencies offer vary. They can also Advise you of other ATS strategiesfor example on social networks. It can pay off to leave the door open to these ideas, which often stem from years of web experience.

If, on the other hand, you already have a clear idea of the type of ads you want, do not hesitate to notify it in your SEA specifications. These can include Google Ads campaigns on the Search network, on the Display network, on Google Shopping or via video ads. In all cases, some digital agencies are specialized in a type of Google Ads campaign. If you know from the start which Google Ads campaigns you are targeting, you improve your chances of finding the perfect web agency for your goals.

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