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How to advertise on Bing?

advertising on Bing Ads

With 60 % market share in France, Google is the leading search engine for French Internet users. (source Le blog du modérateur). We can therefore wonder what is the point of advertising on Bing, one of its competitors. Well, among your target, some Internet users use Microsoft and therefore browse on its Bing search engine: there is therefore a market share not to be neglected for your ASP strategy in business!

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Bing Ads, what's that? 

The Bing Ads are the ads from the advertising program of Microsoft Advertising. Just like Google Ads, Bing also works at the Pay-per-Click (PPC) Your budget is only debited when an Internet user clicks on your advertisement.

Bing campaigns are advertisements that appear following a query in the Bing search engine. The ads are displayed either above the organic search results (the first 4) or in a sidebar next to the results (positions 5 to 9). It is also possible to make Shopping Ads in Bing. 

How do I sign up for Bing Ads? 

You're gonna have to create an MSN account if you don't have one to access the Microsoft network. Once registered, you can already create your advertising campaigns. You can import an existing campaign from Google Ads or skip this step. 

Advertising with Bing Ads

Step 1: Create a campaign 

Before creating your first campaign, the platform asks you about your SEO objectives: gain traffic, maximize conversion rate, etc. Then, rename your campaign so that you can easily identify it if you launch several campaigns at the same time. Determine the daily budget that you are willing to spend on your Bing Ads campaign and choose to spread it out over the day or spend it as quickly as possible. Select the language in which you are going to write the ad and the selected location or location of those who search for it in the search engine. 

Step 2: Define keywords and ad groups 

A campaign consists of several ad groups: you must assign keywords to the different ad groups so that your ads are displayed with different search terms. 

To help you to hit the nail on the headBing provides its tool Broad Match. With this tool, you decide how the user's input should match the keywords you have defined (rough term match, exact phrase match, etc.). 

Bing Ads
How do Bing Ads work?

Step 3: Create your ads 

Write your ad Bing Ads. It looks like a Google Ads ad: a title, ad text and a landing page URL. The ad title consists of two parts separated by a hyphen, each of 30 characters. You have 80 characters for your text.

Step 4: Advertising extensions

With Bing, you also have the ability to add extensions to your advertising to provide further details to users and encourage them to click: location extension, evaluation, adding a link to your ad, image, etc. 

Step 5: Define the auction strategy

Before finalizing your campaign, you will need to adjust your budget according to a bidding strategy. Indeed, Bing Ads works on the same bidding strategy as Google Ads. This means that when a user makes a query on Bing, several ads are positioned on the query: the search engine compares the bids and display the results according to the relevance of the request and the bidding strategy. 

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If Bing is trying to get ahead of Google in the search engine market, this is not yet the case in the field. However, Bing has several advantages, including the Yahoo! network: your ad also appears on the third largest search engine. Bing is very easy to use and you can combine your campaigns with those of Google Ads. Finally, there are less competition on keywords than on Google and while the latter has stopped placing classic sidebar ads, at Bing it is still possible to take advantage of this visibility for your marketing strategy. 

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