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How to make video advertising with Google ads?

video advertising with Google ads

Video is becoming an increasingly popular format for marketing experts. More than 70% of them believe that this type of advertising has a positive impact on their return on investment. In ATS, or -It is therefore logical that Google Ads (formerly Adwords) partners with Youtube to allow advertisers to broadcast video ads.

If Youtube is the privileged partner of Google Ads, it is also because it is the second search engine worldwide in terms of traffic. 2 billion spectators thus find themselves every month in front of the Californian platform. Among them, 45 million French people. However, Youtube is not the only video partner of Google, which has several commercial alliances to distribute its video ads.

To advertise video with Google Ads, several formats are available to the user. Each video format has its own commercial objective.

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Why advertise video with Google ads?

According to a recent study Tubular Insights (1), more than 70% of the marketers believe that the video format allows them to improve their Return on Investment (ROI). 80% of them also favour video ads to boost their notoriety. of a brand. 65% experts also go through the videos ads to publicize a product or service.

Diagram of video ad formats with Google Ads
The diversity of video advertising formats with Google Ads, schematized by ©Google

Google understands the commercial potential of videos. Their virality also makes them one of the most shared and therefore the most visible contents on social networks. The GAFA has therefore imagined video ads signed Google Ads (ex Adwords). These allow to target a specific audience to attract leads qualified.

No wonder, moreover, that Youtube has established itself as Google's preferred partner in this area. The video platform actually gathers more than 40 million French people every month.. To specify your Google Ads campaign on Youtube, it is also good to know that young people are the biggest users. It is estimated that 80% of the French 16-24 year old population goes on Youtube at least once a day.

The different video formats and their advertising objectives

For all advertisers who want to broadcast a video with Google Ads, the web giant offers 6 advertising formats. These video ads are mainly broadcasted on Youtube, but you can also use other Google partners. In all cases, Youtube must first host the video ads concerned. Hence the usefulness of link his Google Ads account to Youtube.

Here are the different formats available for video advertising with Google ads :

  • Deactivatable InStream ads embody the video ad format that allows you to cover as many business objectives as possible : sales, canvassing, site traffic, brand or product notoriety. These are videos that the user can choose to ignore after 5 seconds. The advertiser thus only pays if the viewer watches more than 30 seconds of video, or if they interact with its content.
  • With InStream advertisements that cannot be deactivatedthe viewer cannot ignore the video. The video lasts only 15 seconds and Google charges for it at the time of printing.
  • The Video Discovery ads are designed to create interest in the company or its products. They thus have the particularity of appearing next to other content that attracts the Internet user. You therefore only pay if the visitor actually clicks on your video ad.
  • The advertising objective is the same for Bumper video ads. However, they have the specificity of only lasting 6 seconds. They therefore embody a powerful message, widely disseminated and billed at the time of printing.
  • For those of you who like mobile marketing, Google Ads offers OutStream ads, which are only shown on smartphones.. They are inaccessible on Youtube and allow to enlarge the audience of pre-existing video ads.
  • The Masthead banners allow you to reach a very large target in a short period of time.. They are also video ads with Google Ads, but broadcast on both computers, smartphones and TVs. This large ad format requires you to go through a Google salesperson to book a Masthead banner.
Table of Google Ads video ads and their commercial objectives
Table of different Google Ads video ad formats and their business objectives, according to a table ©Google
How to make an attractive video ad?

Google thinks of everything and offers a primer for effective video creation. The Californian giant suggests that you try to attract attention from the very first seconds, play on humour and emotions and use Call-To-Actions clear ("CTA"). Another important tip is to always optimize your Google Ads, even those in video format.

How do I create a video ad with Google Ads?

Google details the procedure for creating a video campaign precisely on its support service. But before you start, consider which format is best suited to your business goals. Also consider the fact that these videos need to be hosted on Youtube. You should also think beforehand about the budget that you reserve for the advertising videos, and the your choice of keywords.

How is a video ad billed with Google Ads?

Depending on the video format chosen, the advertiser can pay per click, per viewing or per print. In the latter case, the invoice is based on the cost per thousand visible impressions, or "CPM", or the cost per day, "CPJ".

(1) Tubular Insights Study

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