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How do I advertise on Amazon?

Amazon advertising

We no longer present Amazon, one of the giants of the web. However, advertisers sometimes tend to forget that you can advertise on Amazon as much as you can on Google or Instagram. However, advertising on this platform allows advertisers to gain visibility quickly on their products or services and increase their sales. In this article, we guide you to create your Amazon Advertising account and launch your advertising campaigns on this platform. 

Summary of what paid referencing is and its interest

How does advertising on Amazon work?

Let's start with a brief overview of the advertising formats of Amazon Ads. All ads are preceded by the mention "sponsored ad". You will find : 

  • Sponsored products": advertisements that are positioned on keywords in search results and on product pages. 
  • Sponsored brands": content that appears in search results with links to different destinations (product page or a shop).
  • Display product advertisements": banners that are displayed on the entire Amazon network: the site pages, the partner sites and the devices in their product range. 
  • Video ads": Amazon recommends using them in addition to campaigns on the Display network.

Good news for all advertisers: Advertising on Amazon is not much different from the how Google Ads work ! 

The Amazon Advertising Platform 

Go to the platform Amazon Advertising to create your sponsored ads. If you don't have a vendor accountyou're gonna have to create one. Among the choices offered by the platform, you will find : Seller Central, Vendor Central or Vendor Agent. The Seller Central account consists of two options: 

  • the "Individual Sales Program" formula for salespeople with fewer than 20 products. Fees apply to sales only (1.49 CAD per sale + ancillary fees).
  • the formula for professionals at 29.99 CAD per month + additional costs.
advertise on Amazon
How do I advertise on Amazon (Amazon Ads)?

How to launch your first advertising campaign on Amazon? 

If you are used to doing Google Ads campaigns, this will help you with your Amazon Ads ads.

To launch your advertising campaign on Amazon, you'll create a campaign for each of the following categories of your products/services. Create groups of ads composed of your keywords according to the product families that make up your categories. When you make Amazon Ads ads, the interface recommends to make 5 campaigns in the first few weeks of the launch. It is up to you to choose according to your products and your budget.

The strategic choice of your keywords

We recommend that you choose no more than 30 keywords to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Around your target keywords, also work on expressions that contain your keywords and related keywords. Don't forget to to exclude keywords that are not relevant to your business so that your ads don't position themselves on them: this will prevent you from losing budget unnecessarily. The traffic coming from the click on your ads will therefore be qualified traffic. 

Work on the content of your ads 

The content of your Amazon ads must be engaging to drive click-throughs. Be sure to include as much information as possible in the title of your ad. This will help optimize it and click to your surfer. 

Monitor your performance

Analyzing and tracking your campaign performance is essential to maximize your ROI. By monitoring your performance regularly (several times a week), you will be able to adjust your budget. If necessary, you will also be able to remove non-performing ads. On the platform, you will be able to download reports to check your performance and adjust the bids if necessary. 

Launch your campaigns by following a chestnut tree 

The objective of the chestnut tree is to provide the link between the consumers' environment and the brand: around the end of year festivities, seasons or events. Amazon's site is particularly popular during the holiday season. As an advertiser, you can't miss these opportunities. Prepare your campaigns with Amazon Ads or with a agency specialized before these dates in order to propose a content adapted to seasonality and the buying behavior of your customers and prospects.

A little extra: put forward coupon codes and time-limited discounts to encourage quick and direct purchase. 


Advertising on Amazon allows you to optimize your web marketing strategy. Structure your ads and monitor them regularly so you don't lose money. You'll get qualified clicks from your ads and you can maximize your performance by capitalizing on the highlights of the year. 


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