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How do I delete a Google Ads campaign?

How to delete Google Ads campaign

Advertisers who rely on - (or SEA) and who wish, in the course of their project, to delete one of their Google Ads campaigns (ex Adwords) are more numerous than we can imagine.

All it takes is a logistical problem in the production or delivery of the products on sale for a sponsored links campaign to seem meaningless. In such a situation, however, it is still possible to put on hold certain advertisementsand even your campaigns. The deletion of a Google Ads campaign remains an uncommon step.

In fact, this deletion rarely proves advantageous. Advertisers often consider it as a way to reduce their marketing expenses, but risk having difficulty regaining their competitive position in the future. What are the situations that justify the removal of a Google Ads campaign? How do you go about it, if at all?

Should you delete your campaign or put it on hold?

Deleting a Google Ads campaign is the same as permanently cancelling its broadcast. You cannot reactivate it, nor reactivate its ads. It is therefore a radical decision, which is in fact justified only if your company ceases its commercial activities. In all other cases, whether it is a desire to reduce marketing costs or a complicated logistical context, just put your campaign on standby this PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign.

Putting a Google Ads campaign or its ads on standby effectively allows you to reactivate them whenever you want. During the entire time of standby, however, your ads are not broadcast. Without display, no click, and without click, no expense: so you stop paying Google Ads.

Warning, if you decide to reactivate a campaign that has been put on standby...If you activate all the elements that make it up at the same time, it can only be diffused if you activate all the elements that make it up at the same time. You must therefore restart the ads, ad groups and keywords.

To put an advertising campaign on Google Ads on holdyou can follow the following procedure:

  • Click on "All Campaigns" ;
  • In the "Campaigns" window, locate the campaign to be put on standby;
  • Open his file;
  • Click on the standby button at the bottom left of the form.

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How do I delete a Google Ads campaign?

If you do not plan to reverse and the deletion of a Google Ads campaign is necessary:

  • in your Google Ads account, go to "Campaigns" on the left menu;
  • Check the box of the campaign(s) to be deleted ;
  • select "Edit" from the top drop-down menu;
  • Click on "Delete" to stop your PPC campaign permanently.
Delete a Google Ads campaign
Deleting a Google Ads campaign, as well as putting it on standby, is done from the "Campaigns" tab of the interface.

I mean, come on, if you want to stop all activity via Google AdsThere are two solutions. If you have already used up your entire budget for the month, the simplest solution is to put all your current campaigns on standby. This solution costs nothing and leaves a door open in case one day the situation is reversed. If, on the other hand, you still have an unused budget balance, deactivating your account allows you to get your money back.

To deactivate your Google Ads account, you need to :

  • connect to Google Ads and click on the "Tools" icon in the top right corner;
  • go to "Configuration", then "Preferences" ;
  • select "Account status" and then "Deactivate my account".

I deleted my Google Ads campaign by mistake.

It is in order to remedy cases of this kind that there are the edit history page of Google Ads. You can cancel all changes that are less than 30 days old, including deleting your Google Ads campaign.

Recovering a deleted Google Ads campaign
History of changes allows to recover Google Ads campaigns deleted less than 30 days ago © Google Support

To undo the deletion of a Google Ads campaign :

  • Go to Google Ads, on the left menu level, and click on "Change History" ;
  • Locate the line that corresponds to the deleted campaign;
  • In the column entitled "User/Date and Time", select "Cancel" ;
  • Confirm the cancellation message ;
  • a notification of "Cancelled Changes" appears in the "User/Date and Time" column.

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How do I delete only one Google Ads ad?

It is possible to delete an ad rather than an entire advertising campaign. This is similar to the process of deleting a campaign. From your Google Ads account, go to the menu on the left, tab "Ads and extensions". Check the ad to delete and select "Edit" in the drop-down menu at the top of the ads table. Click on "delete".

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