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How to improve its paid referencing?

How to improve its paid referencing?

A community management paid listing (SEA) allows for a quick boost to the company visibility. Indeed, paid referencing allows you to acquire qualified traffic on your site thanks to Google Ads ads positioned on relevant keywords. However, if you do not observe the benefits of your SEA campaigns on your ROI (return on investment), in this case you must improve your paid referencing by making several adjustments and optimizations. In this article, we give you some tips to optimize your SEA strategy. 

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Optimize its paid search engine optimization landing pages

It is often noticed that landing pages are not optimized and make increase the bounce rate. The landing page is the landing page that follows the click on the ad. 

Be aware that if your landing page is not optimized in terms of content and is not consistent with the keywords of the Google Ads ad, it will not convert. 

Also, to improve your paid referencing you must facilitate the path of the Internet user by taking care of the UX. Highlight the Call-To-Action buttons, optimize the visuals and the contact form in order to convert more easily. Also take care of the textual content of this page to convince the user of your product or service and make the purchase. 

Writing high-performance text ads

Previous ASP campaigns you have set up do not convert? Then you should definitely review the content of your text ads. The purpose of a text ad is to catch the attention of the Internet user ...and make him click on this ad instead of another. 

To improve paid search engine optimization, write a strong title and a short description that accurately describes the content of the landing page. Check the URL that you indicate within your ad to ensure that it is displayed correctly. Finally, add ad extensions to guide your Internet users even better and provide them with additional information, for example :

  • location extensions: address, hours, telephone
  • additional links: link to a page "our opening hours", "order now", etc.
  • hook extensions: "free delivery", or "24/7 customer service".

To know more about it here.

improve its ASP
Our advice to improve a paid search engine optimization strategy.

Exclude irrelevant keywords 

To improve paid referencing, be as precise as possible in your choice of keywords. If you want to position yourself on certain keywords, also keep in mind those on which you do not find it relevant to position yourself. 

In this case, fill in a hit list when setting up your ads. This allows Google to make it easier for you to display relevant results based on your users' queries and needs. 

Working on local referencing 

Improve your current SEO by giving it another dimension with local SEO. Indeed, a SEA campaign gains in efficiency when it is a perfect target for its audience

Pour les entreprises qui ont une activité locale ou des boutiques physiques, la géolocalisation permet de gagner en pertinence dans les SERPs. La géolocalisation permet de ramener du trafic en magasin et donc de multiplier les chances de conversion.

Regularly monitor and adjust the results of its ASP campaigns

Finally, to improve your paid search engine optimization, you must regularly monitor your campaigns and its parameters. Indeed, a Google Ads campaign depends on the requests of Internet users and these can vary from one month to another. 

In analyzing and regularly optimizing your campaigns Google Ads, vous vous assurez de pouvoir corriger le tir. Vous pourrez retirer les annonces qui ne sont pas performantes pour vous concentrer sur les mots clés qui convertissent, afin d’améliorer votre ROI. 

For more information, read our article on the different paid listing actions to be set up.

Another area for improvement is the choice of advertising formats.


When an ATS SEO strategy is struggling to perform, several points for improvement need to be implemented. Reviewing the relevance of its landing pages, the choice of keywords and the writing of ads is an essential starting point to improve its paid referencing.

Finally, by following the performance of your campaigns regularly, you make sure you can adjust them before you lose too much money on your initial budget. 

As paid referencing and Google Ads are constantly evolving, it will be important to improve its ATS to follow the trends and new features of the platform (e.g. the voice referencing is becoming more and more used).

Also of note is the growing use of other AES platforms, such as Amazon Ads or even Bing Ads.

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