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How to add keywords in Google Ads?

add Google Ads keywords

When an Internet user searches for information, a product or a service online, he or she types keywords into the search engine. The advertisements that appear on these keywords or groups of keywords are set to appear in the search results according to relevance of the web request. However, if you notice that your current keywords are not performing, you will undoubtedly need to review your strategy of - and add Google Ads keywords to your current campaigns. We've already discussed earlier in our guide how Google Ads works and how to choose the right keywords. In this article, we guide you to add Google Ads keywords to a campaign you have already launched. 

How to add several Google Ads keywords?

Have you noticed that you are not working on enough keywords within your ad groups? In that case, it's time to add several keywords within your new or existing ad groups. The steps are very simple. First you just need to : 

Prepare the list of keywords to be added

We advise you to prepare before you make any changes to your campaigns an list of keywords that you wish to include. You can do this on an Excel spreadsheet for example and you can easily copy and paste your list into the Google Ads Editor tool afterwards. 

add Google Ads keywords
How to add keywords in google ads?

Provide essential information

When adding keywords to the tool, you will need to fill in essential information in these columns in order to choose the destination the addition of the keywords : 

  • Campaign name (this is the case if you are updating multiple campaigns) 
  • Name of the ad group (if you update several ad groups)
  • Keyword

If you had not prepared a list beforehand, you must indicate the destination of the ad groups. In this case, click on the tree structure of your account. 

Then, enter the list for adding keywords and click "Edit". Click "Finish and review changes" to view the changes you have made. Some changes may need to be finalized. 

Add optional information

To be sure that your campaign will be successful, you can also fill in the information in the following columns: 

  • Type of keyword match: this means that you can choose the degree of correspondence between your keywords and the terms of the Internet search. You can choose between: broad query (default), exact expression, exact keyword, keyword to exclude in broad query, exact expression to exclude or exact keyword to exclude.
  • Maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid: you can ignore this column to use the default bid of the ad group.
  • Final URL: you use the final URL of the ad so you can ignore this column. 

How to add negative keywords to Google Ads?

In this case we are talking about negative keywords or keywords to be excluded. This means that you set the keywords or phrases on which you do not want your ads to be displayed. This will allow you not to waste budgetary unnecessarily. Also, to add keywords to exclude, within the "Build" step, click on the "keyword to exclude" tab and fill in the terms and groups of keywords on which you do not want your site to be displayed. 


Keep in mind that the more finely tuned the settings of a SEA campaign, the better the campaign will perform. Also, when you monitor your results, if you notice that your keywords do not generate any qualified clicks and do not convert, in this case we advise you to review your keyword strategy. Adding keywords is an ideal solution to bring back more qualified traffic. You will also be able to exclude search terms that are not relevant to your business and thus save your advertising budget. 


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