How do I activate the €75 Google Ads coupon?

Take advantage of the 75€ Google Ads coupon

75€ to get into Google ads, it's a sum that leaves no stone unturned. It is in any case the Google Ads coupon used as bait by the Californian giant to encourage new registrations on Google Adwords. A first sum in the form of a promotional code, therefore, which allows you to test yourself at the - with comfortable financial leeway.

This discount coupon is thus added to the advertising budget of the advertiser's account, in return for a minimum amount of expenses. However, this type of coupon code depends on certain award criteria. In order to activate it, it is also necessary to follow the procedure published by Google to the letter, at the risk of losing the right to use the credit due to misuse.

What are the criteria to take advantage of the €75 Google Ads voucher?

In order to take advantage of the Google Ads version 2020 coupon, Google must first identify you as an eligible customer. Advertisers who can take advantage of the €75 credit must be new to the SEA platform (Search Engine Advertisingor literally "search engine advertising").

In detail, Eligibility for the Google Ads ad credit depends on the following settings:

  • the new Google Ads client must have posted its first ad within 14 days before the request for the coupon;
  • he must invest 25€ (excluding tax) from his pocket in the ads to take advantage of the Google Ads coupon ;
  • he can only claim one coupon code.
Advertising for the Google Ads coupon
The advertising page dedicated to the 75€ Google Ads coupon ©Google

It remains to specify that the promotional codes available are not the same according to the defined payment parameters. Their conditions of use vary depending on whether payments are made automatically or manually. In either case, Google Ads does not accept no requests for gift vouchers made after the specified deadline : 14 days in the case of the traditional Google Ads coupon of 75€.

How do I enter my Google Ads promotional code?

To take advantage of your 75€ discount voucher, you must scrupulously apply the procedure expected by Google. Otherwise, you risk losing your rights to use the sum allocated.

A precise procedure for applying for credit

Before formulating your request for a discount voucher, it is essential to set up your payment method. Without this prior adjustment, you may indeed lose your right to the discount before you have even taken advantage of it. You must therefore enter your payment terms before requesting a credit note. In particular, make sure you set up the monthly invoicing before applying the discount voucher.

The €75 Google Ads coupon in Google search results ©Google

To obtain your promotional code, you must then go to the Google advertising page dedicated to the coupon and provide your email address. You will then receive an email within 24 hours with the code to be entered. To enter your Google Ads coupon, you need to :

  • go to the Google Ads account you created ;
  • go to "Tools", then "Billing";
  • click on "Promotions", then on the blue "+" button;
  • enter the coupon code that was sent to you by email;
  • Record.

The "Promotions" page allows you to observe the progression of your assets, and thus to make sure that you have received the money related to the coupon. It is also on this web page that you can follow the consumption status of your coupon code, and its expiration.

The amount usually arrives in your Google Ads account. within 5 working days of your requestprovided that you meet all the award criteria. Please note that you will only benefit from the 75€ promised once you have invested 25€ (excl. VAT) yourself in the Google Ads campaign you created. However, the account may not receive the amount until the second month of the advertising campaign. In any case, Google Ads sends you a notification email as soon as it credits your account.

The few pitfalls to avoid

It should be noted here that if you have opted for direct debit, your campaigns don't stop once your assets are depleted.... Let's say, for example, that you have set a monthly expenditure budget of 75€, proportional, therefore, to your discount voucher. You will then be invoiced 75€ every month, even though your credit no longer exists. To stop being debited, you must therefore "put your advertising campaign on hold".

Also make sure you memorize your promo code after receiving the email, and respect the 14-day time limit after the launch of your first Google Ads campaign. Cases of lost or expired coupons are common, and Google Support is under no obligation to provide you with a new discount. just because you've lost or forgotten it.

F.A.Q. Google Adwords coupon

Can I take advantage of the Google Ads coupon without entering my payment details?

No. Google uses promo codes not only to attract customers, but also to verify that the advertising accounts of new advertisers are created with real business goals in mind. With this coupon, Google Ads also ensures that your payment information is valid for the rest of your advertising campaign.

I can't find my Google Ads coupon code, how can I do it?

Your Google Ads coupon is sent to you by email. It usually takes the form of a sequence of numbers and letters. The email is sent to you by the "Google Ads" sender, often with the subject line "A Google Ads voucher is waiting for you". If these elements don't help you find the coupon code, you can contact Google support.

My Google Ads account has remained inactive, can I request a coupon code?

To request a Google Ads coupon, your account must have been inactive for more than 6 months. In this case, you have 14 days - after the resumption of your advertising campaigns - to request and apply the promotional code.

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