How long does it take for a Google Ads ad to be validated?

How long does it take to validate a Google Ad?

How long does it take for a Google Ads campaign to appear? This is a question that is often found on the forums dedicated to -. And for good reason, when you launch an advertising campaign on Google, it is usually because you need a quick promotion.

Google's automatic ad checking services are quite effective. They take on average 1 business day to ensure that your ad is compliant. This should not disrupt the user experience or threaten user security. If your ad does not comply with Google's AdWriting Rules, it will be reviewed by a human checker. This makes the process more time consuming.

How to maximize your chances of seeing your Google Ads ad quickly published? We give you all the tips.

How does the Google Ads approval process work?

When you submit your Google Ads ad - ex Google "adwords" - for validation, Google robots go through all of its elements with a fine-tooth comb. The title, description, attached files, keywords: nothing is left to chance. If this automatic check is not conclusive, the human check then takes over.. During the entire duration of this review, your ad will be displayed on its side as "Under Review".

Google Ads ad in a state of denial
Example of a Google Ads validation problem noted by the Google support. Whether the advertisement is accepted or rejected appears in the "Status" column (red box).

To ensure that your ad is published quickly, it is essential that you follow Google's editorial guidelines. These are designed to ensure that the user experience through your ad is satisfactory. Your Google Ads ads must follow simple instructions :

  • write clear, professional announcements;
  • refer to relevant, useful and easy-to-use content;
  • designate a specific service or product ;
  • do not use language or punctuation in a fancy way;
  • display a URL that reflects the destination page ;
  • be intended for a functional and finalized website;
  • respect the prescribed formats in terms of number of characters and file sizes.

If your ad passes this check, Google will validate it within 1 business day. It will then become "Approved".

If the form or content of your Google Ads ad queries...then it's checked by a human. In this case, the procedure takes longer. If finally this last test fails, the status of your ad goes to "Rejected". In this case, Google will send you a message, specifying the rules that have been broken and the means at your disposal to rectify the situation.

What slows down the validation of a Google ad?

Some contextual elements may explain a delay in the approval of a Google Ads ad. It may be a billing issue or an overall delay in Google services. In addition, some ads are not published because their authors put a new web page online at the same time, which hinders the approval process.

In the majority of cases, however, an advertisement is "Rejected" because it does not comply with the editorial rules set out above.

In some situations, the error is more "serious". In these cases, the advertisement violates the Google's rules for Google Ads. These Google Advertising Guidelines are :

  • no prohibited content: counterfeit articles, dangerous products or services such as drugs or weapons, incitement to dishonesty as with piracy software, inappropriate or offensive content;
  • Avoid prohibited practices, including the dissemination of content that traps Google, abusive collection of customer data, or content that misleads the user.
Writing rules to validate a Google Ad
Editorial guidelines published by the © Google Ads Center

Finally, it should be noted that certain content is subject to more extensive verification controls:

  • adult content ;
  • alcohol ads;
  • the ones for gambling;
  • political content ;
  • advertisements for medicines and health equipment.

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How do I know if my Google Ads ad is validated?

Google's automatic verification system usually takes 1 business day to review your ad. Certain types of content, including sensitive content, are reviewed humanely. In this case, the verification takes longer. If it takes longer than two business days, contact Google Ads Help.

What does the status "Approved (limited distribution)" on Google Ads mean?

You can find out if your ad is validated by going to the "Status" column of your Google Ads interface. An ad that has successfully passed the verification review will display the status "Approved", "Approved (restricted circulation)", "Approved (restricted geographic areas)" or "Broadcasted" for a video ad on Youtube.

How do I show Google Ads ads from a specific date?

This status means that your ad can be served, but with certain restrictions due to Google rules. These restrictions may relate to the type of content you offer for sale, or your rights to use certain trademarks. You can contact Google Help for more information.

How do I post an ad from a specific date?

In order for an advertisement to be aired from a given date, it must be approved in time. You can submit it for verification a few days before your desired airing date. You can also choose to put it on standby. Sleep ads are actually checked by Google robots in the same way as active ads.

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