Which ad format should I select from the different types of Google Ads?

choose google ads format

In addition to being the undisputed leader in search engines, Google also stands out by offering companies in the - through advertisements adapted to all budgets and issues. These formats, more than a dozen in total, make it possible to enhance the value of e-commerce products in just a few clicks.

The exceptional visibility provided by Google's "Ads" also makes life easier for consumers, for whom the purchase is just a mouse click away. However, the formats of these ads are very diverse, as their objectives are not the same. A good choice of ad format will potentially allow you toimprove your ASP. Staenk comes back to the different types of Google Ads, classified according to 3 issues common to e-commerce.

Google Ads are quick and easy to install

Of all the advertisements that Google offers to e-merchants, text ads" are undoubtedly the simplest. These ads, which, as their name suggests, only include words, are set up in a few minutes. They are therefore reserved for sellers who need to market a product quickly, and for beginners. The latter can launch an advertising campaign quickly by following the Staenk guide to Google Ads.

In the family of Google Ads that go straight to the point, there are also the so-called "call only" ads. These ads show the company's phone number. They are thus only displayed on devices that allow a call to be made. If the Internet user clicks on the advertisement, he or she will be directed to the company's sales representatives. This type of Google ads is a real added value for businesses that expect a lot of conversions over the phone.

Ads that promote an application are also on the side of Google Ads that allow to be effective quickly. These allow to to promote an app on the devices that are likely to use it. Choosing this Google ad format is already targeting the right consumer. This format is distributed by iOS and Android application download platforms.

Google ad promoting a mobile application
Some Google Ads aim to promote a mobile application. They are relayed via the download platforms of iOS and Android applications.

Google ad formats to impact minds

Among all the Google ads available, some, more visual, are impressionable thoughts. This is particularly the case for so-called "reactive" advertising. These automatically adapt to the advertising spaces available on the Internet user's web support. They adjust in size, but also in format. They can also be transformed into text or illustrated ads, depending on the space available.

Illustrated ads" are among the most impactful Google ads. They are images, which can be static or animated. These ads allow products for which appearance is central to convert more than leads. These Google Ads can be used on the Google search engine as well as on the partner websites of the Californian giant.

If the company is able to create quality videos, capable of embodying true call-to-actionIf you want to use the "Video Ads", then the "Video Ads" are all appropriate. This type of Google Ads allows you to broadcast videos in isolation or integrated with other videos by streaming. These Google ads pay per view. They boost the image and popularity of companies that are already well established. They are also a way for lesser-known companies to project the target into the purchase.

Google Illustrated Ads and Video
Illustrated Google ads give impact to the advertising message. Video ads allow consumers to project themselves.

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Which Google Ads to accelerate online product purchases?

Google's "Shopping" ads are intended to facilitate e-commerce. This advertising format is therefore reserved for brands that have an online shop. These Google Ads "Shopping" highlight a product with :

  • his picture;
  • his description;
  • its price;
  • the name of the brand.

They therefore value above all "physical" products...more than liberal or service activities.

In 2019, Google has also introduced 3 new advertising formats to improve online shopping. These are Gallery Ads, Showcase Shopping Ads and Discovery Ads. The "Showcase Shopping Ads" embody a variation of Google's "Shopping" functionality. When the Internet user clicks on an advertisement, they allow other products from the e-merchant to be displayed. The "Gallery Ads" consists of a carousel of 8 product photos. This advertising format Preferably targets Internet users in the information search or comparison phase.

Google ads shopping and showcase shopping ads
On the left, a simple Google Ad "Shopping". On the right, two Showcase Shopping Ads.

A lire also the Google Ads tutorial from Staenk to create a campaign

Discovery Ads" are specific, highly visual advertisements for Google's "Discover" application. This type of ads can be used to reveal shopping desires to the consumer. These Google Ads can be found on the YouTube homepage, in the "Promotions" and "Social" tabs of Gmail, or in Google Discover articles. They include a large visual, which should be worked on enough to attract clicks.

In conclusion, it should be remembered that the Google ad formats available to e-merchants depend on the type of campaigns chosen. Google offers its customers a summary table of available advertising formats according to the ad campaign.

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