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Google Ads Video: which ad format to choose according to your objectives?

Have you ever watched your video on YouTube and been bothered by an ad that you quickly close to return to your content? Yet I'm also willing to bet that you've thought about testing a product whose ad has intrigued you on YouTube, or better yet, singing the music from the ad in question.

In these two cases, it is a question of video ads on YouTube. Whether they are long or short, these videos will make a lasting impression on your mind and that is the goal.

For advertisers, YouTube represents a formidable lever to increase brand awareness but also to generate traffic on a website. In this article, I'll show you why integrating YouTube into your digital strategy is a real plus, but also what are the advantages of using YouTube? advertising formats to choose according to your objectives.

Why choose video ads on Google Ads?

An audience strongly committed to content

YouTube is first and foremost two billion connected users every month. This then represents a real power of diffusion of your campaigns throughout the world.

Whether it's on mobile, desktop or TV, millions of users view their favorite video content every second. What could be more conducive than to showcase your ads when your audience is most aware and receptive to what they are watching? This phenomenon is known as the " personal primetime ", in other words in French " l'heure de grande écoute personnelle ".

At a time when omni-channel strategies are highly recommended, it is more than interesting to position yourself where your audience is engaged and remind them - or make them discover - your presence.

Interesting data for your campaigns

The world's best-known video viewing platform also provides you with unique data on your targets, allowing you to make the best decisions. This will allow you to invest wisely in your campaigns.

Recently, Google has developed advanced hearings grouping users with the same intentions towards your brand.

Thus, by following the classic steps of the conversion tunnel, you will be able to target groups of people who behave identically at each specific stage of the tunnel.

Unexpected results

Although at this stage you probably still doubt the benefits of video campaigns, the results prove the opposite.

Indeed, YouTube and Google are developing ever more advanced solutions to check your results on a daily basis. For example, Google Ads, Youtube analytics and the Google Marketing Platform combine their data to provide you with an complete picture of your performance on each online acquisition channel.

Even better, Google is working on connect third-party offline sales solutions to check the impact of your YouTube ads on sales. Isn't that great?

Ads video formats

Google Ads video advertising offers a wide variety of formats to best meet your needs (notoriety, conversion...) at each step of the conversion tunnel.

Conversion tunnel
Conversion tunnel

This buying tunnel is a fundamental element to keep in mind when creating your campaigns, as it will help you to know which audience to usewhich commercial message broadcast as well as the type of advertising to offer him.

A user who is ready to take action will not behave like a user who does not know your brand, which is why it is important to maintain advertising consistency.

Develop your brand awareness

These popular video ad formats are widely used for integrate users into the conversion tunnel process.

They are usually very striking videos both in the power of their advertising message and the creative elements such as images, music and time.

The purpose of video ads on YouTube is toReaching consumers in order to put your brand in their minds.

FormatAuction approachDiffusion channels
Bumper adsWHCYouTube and
Google Video Partners
TrueView for reachWHCYouTube and
Google Video Partners
Non-skippable in-stream adsWHCYouTube and
Google Video Partners
Outstream video adsvCPMYouTube and
Google Video Partners
MastheadCPD or CPMYouTube
Video Ad Formats for Public Awareness

Bumper ads 

Bumper ads are 6 second announcements which are displayed either at the beginning of the video or during playback. They cannot be disabled by the user because of their short duration.

This format is used in notoriety by the simple fact that it marks the spirits whether it is thanks to its music or its story (storytelling). The goal is to intrigue the user by leaving a suspense or a possible continuation of the story.

The tone of the video can be varied (mood, fear, love) but the aim is to attract attention.

Advertising campaign with Bumber ads

Instream Ad cannot be deactivated

Choose this video ad format if you want to broadcast a message before, during, or after YouTube videos without allowing users to ignore it.

Non-deactivatable instream announcement
Instream cannot be deactivated by the user

Masthead Banners

Commonly used over short periods and for very special occasions (sales, events), this ad format is very useful for reaching a large audience.

Masthead Banner
Masthead Banners

Oustream Ads

Oustream video ads are broadcast only on mobile phones and allow you to broaden your audience to reach more potential customers at a lower cost than other ads.

Playback of the announcements starts with the sound muted. Users can press the announcement to reactivate the sound.

Outstream video ad from Google Ads
Outstream Ads

Consideration of your brand

In this second key step, the goal is to offer video formats to users who already know your brand. The goal will be to invite them toengage with your content and make their mark on the moment it is created.

TrueView InStream 

This type of ad can be disabled for the user if the ad lasts longer than 11 seconds. This format has the advantage for advertisers to charge this ad only if a user :

1. Observes 30 seconds of the OGM - or until the end if the OGM is less than 30 seconds.

2. Makes announcements from the video - such as clicking to visit the site or downloading the mobile application.

You might as well say that this format has an advantage for advertisers because they only spend on interactions.

FormatAuction approachInventory
TrueView InStreamCPV or Maximizing Lift
YouTube and Google Video Partners
TrueView DiscoveryCPVYoutube
Video Ad Formats for Consideration

TrueView Discovery

Trueview discovery
TrueView Discovery

TrueView Discovery ads are ads that simply appear when you browse YouTube without viewing a video.

They can therefore be found in various places such as the YouTube home stream, the playback stream and search results.

The difference between this type of ads and the others is that the user has to click on the ad for the video content to launch. Once launched, it cannot be disabled.

Encourage action

Here we are in the final stage of the conversion tunnel. This is almost the most important moment of your campaigns, because if your videos are badly configured, you risk losing all your efforts in acquiring users in the previous steps.

FormatAuction approachInventory

TrueView for action

CPA and maximize conversions

YouTube and Google Video Partners (beta)
Announcement formats available for the action

In this last step, the only ad format available is "TrueView for action". These ads are displayed in full video view and can be disabled by the user.

As you may have gathered, this format highlights calls to action to get the people watching the video to do what you want them to do.

Deactivatable Instream Ad

This ad format is common to all stages of the conversion tunnel. It is presented as a classic video ad that users can turn off after 5 seconds.

It appears before, during, or after other videos on YouTube, as well as on Google Video Partners' sites and applications.

Video formats that cover all your objectives

So you have understood, Google Ads offers a multitude of video formats to help you develop your advertising creativity but above all to achieve your goals: Notoriety, Attention or Conversions.

You need help to set up effective video advertising campaigns ? Contact our experts!

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