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Google Ads: how to set up its geographical area?

adjust the geographical area google Ads

When setting up a Google Ads ad, targeting the audience is one of the first steps to take. In particular, Google expects you to be able to determine the geographic area that your strategy is targeting. SEA. This perimeter can apply to several countries as well as to an area of only a few kilometres.

In all cases, costs are not impacted by the size of the target audience. A campaign ofPay Per Click"(PPC), on the other hand, has an interest in targeting a specific geographic radius, where possible. A localized SEA strategy allows you to better qualify your prospects and avoid unnecessary traffic on your e-commerce site.

The advantages of a geographically targeted ASP campaign are therefore numerous. All that remains is to follow the right method to set it up!

Why target its SEA strategy by geographical area?

Adapting your SEA ads to a given geographical area increases your chances of welcoming an interested public on your website. In adding Google Ads keywords based on local realities, for example, you ensure that your ads are relevant to your audience. The more your Google Ads ads are tailored to a specific target audience, the more the traffic they generate on your e-commerce site becomes profitable.

Example of setting up the geographical area SEA
Set your geographical area on Google Ads

Developing a locally targeted SEA strategy also makes it possible toexclude certain geographical areas. This tactic allows to bypass the highly demanded areas of e-merchants, for which the Cost Per Click (CPC) is likely to be high. It is also a way to optimize the use of your advertising budget by only distributing your Google Ads to interested audiences.

By setting up a geographical area adapted to your offer, you give yourself more chance to reach the targeted click rate. This is also one of the criteria that Google inspects to determine whether an ATS ad is qualitative. So this point is fiscally strategic The more relevant an ad is to Google, the lower the CPC.

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How to optimize geographic targeting in Google Ads?

When starting a Google Ads campaign, geo-targeting the audience is one of the first steps in the process. The Google Ads tool that allows you to define your geographical area is simple to use and guides you effectively. However, you can think ahead the type of geographical area you wish to focus on.

Which geographical targeting to choose for which business objectives?

Three strategies of geographic targeting are possible on Google Ads:

  • Country targeting allows to cover large geographical, national or international areas. Be careful, however, as it risks serving companies whose activity does not apply to all regions of the targeted country or countries.
  • Benchmarking targeting by regions or cities is well suited to companies with localized but nationally dispersed operations. For example, it can be applied to franchises. However, brands that offer their services in most parts of a country have an interest in targeting the entire country to save time. They can then exclude specific areas from their ASP strategy.
  • the radius around geography allows you to target a perimeter of activity around an epicentre. This option is well suited to local shops and delivery services. It is less suitable, however, for retailers who wish to extend their business areas to more cities or regions.

How do I set my company's radius of activity on Google Ads?

When you create a Google Ads adThere are two geographic zoning solutions available to you. To successfully target by country, by region or by city, you just have to choose the setting by "defining specific zones".. Conversely, to set up your local ASP strategy according to a radius of activity, choose the option "define a radius around the company", as shown below.

Establish the radius of its geographical area on Google Ads

In the configuration where you choose a geographical radius of activity, you just have to fill in an epicentre, ideally the address of the company. The radius around which your business is organized can then vary locally from 5 km to 65 km. You just have to move the cursor of the Google Ads tool to decrease or increase this distance. Once this radius is defined, the geographic zoning of your PPC campaign is complete.

To broadcast your Google Ads ads on Google's French platform while sending them to a foreign country, simply choose French as the language, and the country of your choice for the geographic targeting of your campaign.

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