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Ad extensions on Google Ads: what is it?

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If you wish to enrich your campaigns SEAad extensions are essential. They allow you to provide additional information to the Internet user in relation to the text of your ad: additional links, information on location, promotions, etc.

However, the potential of ad extensions is not necessarily exploited by advertisers. In this article, we take stock of the different Google ad extensions in order to optimize visibility of your ads and stand out from your competitors at a glance. 

Why use ad extensions?

Keep in mind that Google values the good content. To determine how ads are displayed at the time the user responds to the search query, Google chooses to display the ads with the highest quality first. The more relevant your ad is to Google, the better the position of your ad will be. Also, your costs will be lower. In this sense, ad extensions display additional information to the user in order to generate qualified traffic on the page and the site. 

Enriched, the ad is therefore more visible and more easily distinguishable from those of your competitors. The ad extensions therefore allow you to boost your CTR. Good to know: the ad extension does not imply any additional costs. One click on the extension is equivalent to one click on the ad. 

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extensions d'google ads
Ad extensions on Google Ads: what is it?

What are the different extensions offered on Google Ads?

We detail below the different extensions proposed by Google Ads, knowing that there are no limits to use it for a campaign. Find the complete list of extensions on the Google support : 

Hook extensions

This extension allows you to add a 25-character descriptive text (not clickable) to highlight your strengths.

Addition of related links

This feature consists of a title and the URL of the target page, it allows advertisers to display up to 6 links at the same time. This extension allows you to guide the navigation of your Internet users and to improve your CTR. 

Location extensions

This feature is useful for shops and physical points of sale: the address is displayed at a glance and makes it easy to find your way around on Google Maps. 

Customer reviews and scores 

This extension is ideal to increase the click rate of an e-commerce site. You can display the score of your customer reviews and star marking.


Once again an ideal extension for e-commerce sites that wish to display product prices and promotions for example. This extension will more easily drain qualified traffic by eliminating the click without intention to buy. 

Call extensions

This feature allows you to display the phone number on desktop and on mobile it will be presented directly with a call button. The call can therefore be made directly without going to the site. 

SMS Extensions

This ad extension is only available on mobile phones and allows web users to send you a text message directly. 

Application Extensions

It promotes the application and encourages downloading on Android and IOS.

Extracts of sites

You can provide additional information about the products and services you offer. To learn more about why and how to use Ad Extensions, click here


Ad extensions allow you to gain visibility and relevance on your ads. However, please note that Google reserves the right to display extensions within your ads according to the quality level of these. In short, the higher the position of your ad, the more likely your ad extensions will be displayed. We advise you to test several ad extensions so that you can then make a choice and keep only those that perform best. In all cases, give preference to ad extensions that deliver useful information to the Internet user, encourage click-throughs and facilitate the Internet user's navigation. 

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