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Ad extensions on the Google search network: why and how to use them properly?

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Appreciated by advertisers and widely acclaimed among professionals in charge of Google Ads accounts, the ad extensions on the search network enrich the information in your ads. Today, many advertisers use the paid referencingto develop their visibility and increase their sales.

Faced with this competition, it is essential to multiply the elements that will differentiate your ads from others in search results.

This is where the ad extensions are important because they are there to help you do just that.

Ad extensions: what is it concretely?

When you browse the web, you are confronted with a multitude of ad formats including text ads on the search network.

These announcements are usually composed of 5 elements, which you probably know without going into the details to know :

  • The title tag is the first line your potential customers will notice. It allows you tobring to the attention of users on your products or services. You can fill in up to 3 headings which will be separated by " | " and limited to 30 characters each.
  • The meta tag description 1 is a text that allows you to further describe your products or services. Limited to 90 characters, it is preferable to complete description 2, in order to provide as much information as possible to your audience.
  • The meta description tag 2 completes the first description text. Ideally, you can insert incentives for action to make it clear to your prospects what you expect from them via your ad. Thus, calls to action such as "Get a free quote now" or "Order your favorite shoes" will allow you to have a higher click-through rate on your ads.
  • Your ad must be composed ofa link that redirects to the appropriate landing page.
  • l’URL to display which is the link you want your users to see on your ad. It doesn't matter what redirection will be made on your website.

Thus, your ads are composed of basic elements, but you can add additional information via extensions.

The ad extensions are additional details which are added to the basic texts of your ads. In other words, these extensions are a genuine added valueas they encourage users to choose your products or services over those of your competitors.

The extensions of ads on the search network allow toincrease the click-through rate on your ads.


For the simple reason that they give the answer to what Internet users are looking for thanks to his additional information.

The second element that explains a higher click rate is that the addition of ad extensions allows toincrease the size and visibility of your ads in search results.

The more space your ad takes up, the more you maximize your chances that Internet users will click on it, because they see more of your ad than those of other advertisers.

How extensions work and display in search results

Please note that your ad extensions will not always appear that Internet users will search via Google. All your extensions will also not appear simultaneously..

How does it work?

Google will choose to display the ad extension (or a combination of extensions) most pertinent according to the request that the Internet user is going to make, but also when he thinks that they are likely to improve the performance of your campaigns. Thus, only a few will be present when the results are displayed.

The other way to display as many ad extensions as possible is to benefit from a ranking and aa sufficient position in the research results. Indeed, in order to distribute ad extensions, Google requires a minimum ranking of the ad, namely the First 3 positions.

Know then that the lower the ranking of your ad is in the search results, the less it will diffuse your ad extensions.

More details on our article " How many ad extensions can I set up?« 

Ad extension formats

The advertising agency Google offers several formats of ad extensions, in order toenrich the content of your ads as much as possible.

You will find extensions that meet several objectives:

Encouraging individuals to buy from your establishment

Place Ad Extensions

This extension makes it possible to encourage visits by Internet users to your physical establishment. It gives information about the address of the place, a call button, but also a link to the page that gives information about your company.

Location extension

When your shop has a local dimension, using this type of extension is a real plus for boost the visibility of your business locally.

Let's imagine that one of your potential customers is walking through the streets of Paris and is looking for a shop that sells original chocolates. A location extension indicating the location of your shop in Paris will undoubtedly help users to find you better!

Affiliate location ad extensions

Although rarely used by advertisers, this ad extension allows you to display the retail outlets that market your company's products or services.

Extension d'affiliate location ad

This extension is very useful if you have many resellers of your products.

The extensions of teaser ads

This ad extension format allows you to add up to 10 text elements (25 characters per teaser) to your ad. Among other things, it allows you to highlight features applicable to your business (e.g. 7/7 delivery, free quote...).

This type of extension can be applied at the account level, but also in the lower levels (campaigns, ad groups...). In this case, if you fill in the extensions in both cases, those of the lower levels will be broadcast instead of those located at the account level.

Extension d'hook

The distribution of ad extensions varies according to multiple factors. The advantage being that they are displayed whether your ad is above or below the natural search results.

Encouraging Internet users to buy on your website

Extensions of link advertisements

The extensions of ads of secondary links allow to propose to the Internet users other pages of your website which are that may be of interest to them as well. Thus, you can propose to redirect people to specific pages such as a particular product, but also additional information: contact page, delivery information, prices...

Extension d'Announcement of links

Extensions of ads extracted from the site

You can also highlight certain aspects of your business with a custom header.

Several headers are available:

  • Brands
  • Models
  • Curriculum
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Selection of hotels

...and many others as well.

Extension d'site extract

If you fill in several site extract enhancements for the same level, two enhancements can be displayed at the same time:

Two extensions d'site extracts

The advantage of this ad extension is that it allows you to give the Internet user an idea very quickly of what your site offers. Thus, people who click on your ad know on which type of site they have been redirected to.

Price ad extensions

As its indicates, price extensions allow to add price information areas.

For people who do not have Shopping Ads, this type of extension brings additional visibility to your products/services.

The price elements are displayed below your text ad and above your links.

Price extension

Promotional extensions

Promotional extensions are the best solution to inform your users about bargains, sales or discounts that you offer on your website.

You can personalize your promotion by mentioning if it is dedicated to a particular event (Mother's Day, winter sales...). You can also fill in the start and end dates on which your promotion takes effect!

The advantage of this ad extension is that it differs very well from other extensions but also from the text of your basic ad.

For an e-commerce site, I strongly invite you to use this type of extension in order to highlighting prices on products/services or categories of products/services. On the other hand, if your company's price positioning is better than that of other competitors, this type of extension may not work in your favour if other advertisers also use them!

Encourage people to contact you

Form announcement extensions (lead form beta versions)

Although available in BETA version, this ad extension consists in setting up a contact form directly in the search results under your text ad. It allows you to arouse the interest of your prospects for your activity by inviting them to complete certain information.

Thus, your form will allow users to request a quote, obtain more information, etc.

Form extension on the search network
Form extension for prospects on the Google Ads search network

Although practical, this extension does not give very conclusive results for the time being. Indeed, users often need information about your activity before asking for a quote or sending a contact form. The form only allows you to add brief information for the moment, making it less attractive.

Call extensions

Extension d'call on Google Ads ad

Encouraging users to download your application

Application announcement extensions

The last extension we will talk about in this article is as its name suggests: application extensions. They allow you to affiliate an application available on the Playstore to an ad (ad group, campaign), in order to boost the number of downloads made.

Extension of application on Google Ads search network advertisement

You have undoubtedly understood that ad extensions have their importance in the writing of your ads.

They bring both a additional visibility in search resultsbut also essential information about your business that will trigger your audience to click on your ad.

And you, do you use ad extensions on the search network in your paid search engine optimization strategy?

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