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How to link your Google Ads account to Youtube?

Link a Google Ads account to Youtube

Google allows its advertisers to make SEA including video advertising with Google Ads. These video ads can appear on different video platforms. However, it must be noted that the main video partner of the Californian giant is another giant: Youtube.

When you decide to start creating Google Ads videos in this way, you should keep in mind that all of these videos must be hosted on Youtube in order to be distributed. And this even if the delivery platform you are interested in as part of your advertising strategy is not Youtube. This strong partnership between the two web giants is one of the reasons why you need to link your Google Ads account to Youtube.

In fact, this approach has other advantages as well. For example, your Google Ads account can access accurate information about the number of views of your videos, or the number of visitors to your Youtube channel. In this article, we'll return to the customer data you can access by simply linking your Google Ads account to Youtube. It also explains how to quickly link them together.

Why link his advertiser account to Youtube?

By linking your Google Ads account to a Youtube channel, you can access central data to evaluate the effectiveness of your Youtube videos. This information is therefore strategic for advertise video with Google Ads :

  • you can identify the audiences that frequent your Youtube channel in order to target them for your advertising videos ;
  • you identify the different forms of engagement of the people who view your ads.

Note that you can link a Google Ads account to Youtube or, conversely, link a Youtube account to Google Ads. In case the administrators of both are different, fear no unfortunate interactions. The administrator of the Youtube Channel can set the above features on the associated Google Ads account, but he or she can't control Google Ads any more. Similarly, the Google Ads advertiser cannot add or remove videos to the Youtube Channel.

Associating Google Ads and Youtube from the Google Ads interface

To associate Youtube with Google Ads from your advertiser account, the process is simple:

  • go to "Tools" in the top right corner of the Google Ads interface;
  • in "Configuration", go to "Associated accounts" then "Youtube" ;
  • select "More info" then click on the More button ;
  • a "Associate Youtube Channel" window opens, in which you must locate the Youtube channel of your choice, or enter its URL.
Procedure for linking your Google Ads account to Youtube
How to link your Google Ads account to Youtube in pictures

There are two paths then. Either you are the owner of the chosen Youtube channelIn this case you just have to click on "I am the owner of this channel" and then on "Access YouTube". If, on the other hand, the channel belongs to someone else, you have to select "Another person is the owner of this channel". You then enter the email of this person, who will receive a request to associate Google Ads and Youtube accounts. You only benefit from this new setting once this third person has accepted the request to associate the two accounts.

Linking Google Ads and Youtube from Youtube

There are several ways to link a Google Ads account to Youtube from the video platform. In most cases, however, it is sufficient to connect to Youtube Studio (new version)the Youtube creation platform.

Schematic of Google Ads on Youtube ©Google
Diagram of the display of a Google Ads video on Youtube by ©Google

The procedure forassociation of Google Ads and Youtube accounts starts this time from Youtube Studio :

  • go to "Settings" and then "String" to reach the "Advanced Settings" tab;
  • select "Associate Account" and give a name to this association ;
  • enter your Google Ads client number then delimit the authorizations;
  • click on "OK", then "Save".

The two accounts are permanently associated when the owner of the Google Ads account validates the request.

How to link Google Ads and Youtube from the old version of Youtube Creator Studio?

In this configuration, the association of the two accounts is done from your Youtube channel. You need to go to your channel icon in the top right corner, then go to Creator Studio and click on "Channel", "Advanced Options" and "Google Ads Account Association".

How do I accept a request for association from a Youtube account?

Go to your Google Ads account, icon "Tools". In "Configuration", select "Associated accounts", then "YouTube", and click on "More info". You then go to "Association requests", where you find the Youtube channel that requests the association. You can then "Approve" or "Decline" the invitation.

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