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How do I create a Google Ads ad?

google ads

Once you've created your Google Ads account and set up your first campaign, you can start creating your Google Ads ad. In order for it to reach your prospects effectively and engage users, you need to respect good practices s, Google's and the SEA. Otherwise, you may be wasting your advertising budget unnecessarily. In this article, we give you our tips for writing a successful Google Ads ad. 

Steps for creating a text ad on Google AdWords

The steps for creating a Google Ads ad are very simple, here are the recommendations of the Google support : 

1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.

2. Go to the pages menu on the left, then click on Announcements and Extensions.

3. Click on the More button, then click on the "Text Ad" option.

4. Enter the URL of the destination page, and then a text for the title and description, as well as for the optional "Path" fields. You can preview the mobile and desktop version of your ad in the "Ad preview" area. 

5. When you are finished writing your text announcement, click Save Ad.

Take into account that your recorded announcement will not be immediately broadcasted to your customers. First of all, its content and layout will be reviewed by the Google content team to make sure that it is correct. compliance with the platform's advertising rules. 

To find out more about Google Ads, the first tool of the ATS, click on here.

What is the structure of a successful Google Ads ad? 

For your ad to perform well on Google, your text ad must include :

  • a title: write a maximum of 25 characters
  • a URL: choose carefully the destination page of your site to link to your ad 
  • the text of your Google Ads ad: write 70 characters maximum

We advise you to add ad extensions for boost performance of it and deliver the best information to your customers and prospects. For example, you can add : 

  • opening hours if you have a physical shop
  • a call or SMS extension
  • geographical location
  • additional links to other pages of the site 
  • of customer opinions
google ads
How do I create a google ads ad?

Best practices to follow when writing your ad 

The choice of keywords

To make your ad Google Ads is efficient, you must work on one or more keywords per ad in relation to the internet user's request. Upstream of your SEA strategy, define keywords specific to your business and relevant long tail expressions on which you want to position yourself. Make your keyword appear as soon as the title of your ad: it is the most visible element of your ad. 

Read our dedicated article to make the right choice of keywords. 

When selecting your keywords on the platform, assign the correspondence type for each keyword: exact keyword match, exact expression, broad query, broad query modifier. 

Make sure you also define a list of keywords to excludeThe keywords that you do not want to appear on (for example, keywords that are too generic or that have nothing to do with your activity) in order to save you money. 

Writing the ad

The tone and style of your ad must be powerful. Highlight what sets you apart from your competitors and enhance the benefits of your products and services. 

When writing your ad, be careful about the terms you use: use action verbs to create a Call-To-Action and encourage your visitors to engage with your site. For example: : 

"Ask for your Free Quote.

"15 % Offered with code NEW15".

Refine your ad according to its results

It's not enough to just launch your Google Ads campaign and let it live: by opting for this strategy you risk losing budget unnecessarily. On the contrary, you need to follow the results of your campaign and check its effectiveness by checking its performance in your Google Ads account. By linking the performance of your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account, you can increase the accuracy of your KPIs. 

For example, depending on the results of your ads, you can refine the following criteria: 

  • the geographical area
  • the day or time your ads are posted
  • add or remove keywords

Refining the parameters of your ads will eventually allow you to cut costs of your ad and maximize your ROI. 


A Google Ads text ad is being worked on. You must insert the keywords on which you want to position yourself. Highlight what makes you uniqueand encourage your prospects and clients to visit your site by adding a Call-To-Action. Make sure that the landing page matches your ad so that your customers are not lost once they have clicked on your ad. 

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