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How do I create a Google Ads account?

How to create a Google Ads account

Before launching a campaign SEA (advertising) on Google, it is essential to create an Ads account. If the approach is not wizardly, it still requires a number of prerequisites, or even upstream thinking. Do you want to launch an ad to increase the traffic on your website, or to receive more phone calls? Is the objective to improve the number of visitors to your establishment?

Registration with Google Ads depends on the identification of these prior objectives. It also involves choosing between the popular Google Ads version and the version for marketing experts. Staenk lists in this article the few concepts to master to start creating a Google Ads account.

The essentials before creating a Google Ads account

To start creating a Google Ads account, you'll need to fill in your identity and email. The procedure is shorter if you already have a Google Accountespecially if you have a Gmail address. In this case, simply click "Sign in to an existing account" on the Google Ads account creation page.

Create your Google account to access the Ads
Google Ads sign up page ©Google

Nothing prevents you, however, from start with an email without a link to Google. Simply enter the email address of your choice and provide a new password. You will then receive an email with a confirmation code to provide to the Google Ads tool before being able to launch the creation of your advertising account.

Once the email stage is over, Google asks you for your company name and website. Please note, however, that not all Google Ads ads require a website. For example, new advertisers have access to so-called "direct call" telephone advertisements, which give priority to the company's telephone number.

Choose the default mode or Expert mode?

After providing your identity, your email, the name of your company and its website, you land on a page that asks you to specify your advertising objectives :

  • receive more calls ;
  • generate more sales or registrations on the website ;
  • attract more visitors to your establishment.
Default version and "Expert version" of the Google Ads subscription ©Google

If you're new to paid search engine optimization, the easiest way is to let yourself be guided by this default Google Ads module. You just have to click on the commercial objective that corresponds to your advertising ambitions. From then on, you benefit froma simplified version of Google Ads, which is justified in the following cases:

  • you have no experience in online advertising;
  • a small Google Ads campaign is enough for you;
  • you don't want to spend a lot of time on your advertising campaigns.

This simplified version, however, rivals the "Expert" mode, reserved for professionals who master the how Google Ads works. This mode gives access to more extensive configuration and management possibilities. It is also intended for companies that aim for high advertising performance. In this Expert mode, the campaign objectives are more precise:

  • generate more online sales;
  • attract prospects and promote conversions ;
  • improve the traffic on the website ;
  • encourage Internet users to discover the brand or its products;
  • gain notoriety;
  • Promote an application ;
  • no specific objective, the equivalent of a free mode reserved for professionals.

Whatever the mode you choose, and whatever the commercial objective you give to your advertising approach, the creation of your Google Ads account stops there. The next step is to create a Google Ads campaignwhich is a different matter.

It is worth mentioning here that Nothing is written in stone on Google Ads.. There are many questions you are asked, and you may not have answers to all the entries on the forms. It is quite possible to save some hypothetical values and change them later.

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How do I get others to access my Google Ads account?

Once your account has been created and your Google Ads registration validated, you can invite others to use it. To do so, you must allow them access, keeping in mind that there are four levels of authorization: email access only, read-only access, standard access, and administrator access.

How do I create multiple Google Ads accounts?

To create a second or more Google Ads accounts, simply sign in to your first account. Pressing the lettered icon that represents your name or your company name in the upper right corner of the screen brings up a drop-down menu. Click "+ New Account" to create a new Google Ads account.

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