How do I appear on Google Shopping?

Appear on Google Shopping

There are different ways to appear on Google Shopping, and more precisely to appear there first. Google's merchant search engine offers its advertisers three types of ads for -. These are the "Shopping for a product", "Products in store" and "Showcases Shopping" ads. These three display configurations intersect with different business objectives.

The "Shopping for a product" ads make it possible for example to display promotions or customer reviews on Google Shopping. In-store product" ads are more useful for advertisers who rely on the geographical proximity of their customers. Showcases Shopping" ads help you stand out as a brand.

Stand out from the crowd with "Shopping for a product" ads.

The "Shopping for a product" ads embody the most classic way to appear on Google Shopping. These are single product ads. They thus take the product data you provide to the letter in adding your products to Google Shopping.

To position yourself at the top of the search results on this type of Google Shopping ads, one of the essential rules is to to comply with Google's instructions regarding the quality of the product data. Our article How to use Google Shopping says more about this issue.

In addition, there are three tools that allow Google Shopping to appear in the first search results. Google Shopping calls them "ad improvements":

  • The "Merchant Promotions" program allows, as its name indicates, touse Google Shopping ads to display your promotions. These then appear as special offers. Google Shopping stamps them with the label "Offer" or "Promotion". This "improvement" does not generate any additional costs.
  • With the Customer Notification ProgramYou get the opinion of your e-commerce site visitors on their shopping experience. Their opinions generate an overall rating, which is attributed to you as a merchant. If you wish, this program also allows you to display product reviews.
  • The product reviews consist of a score out of 5, displayed on the Google Shopping ad in the form of stars. For product reviews to appear on an ad, however, the product must have generated a maximum of 3 reviews. These opinions are derived from consumer reviews, but also from data from e-merchants or customer review platforms. Displaying them in Google Shopping ads helps to attract clicks from qualified prospects. Most consumers who are interested in customer reviews are indeed well advanced in the purchasing process.
2 types of d'ads to appear on Google Shopping
Specifics of the "Shopping for a product" and "Products in store" ads

When you choose one of these enhancements, it may not appear in Google Shopping streaming. Improvements are released on a regular basis, but not systematically.

Make yourself visible to consumers in the vicinity of the store

Another way to appear on Google Shopping more than other advertisers is to opt for "in-store" ads. This type of Google Shopping ads is accessible to consumers who validate the "nearby" filter when searching via the Google Shopping tab (see illustration above).

These ads show the location of your point of sale on Google Shopping. If the customer clicks on the advertisement, Google redirects them to a web page dedicated to your store. There, the Internet user will find the opening hours of your point of sale, its address and the state of your stocks on the requested product. This page showcase enhances your point of sale. It also gives you access to tools to measure the effectiveness of "in-store products" ads to increase traffic in the store.

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Show a whole range of products on Google Shopping

Last way to appear on Google Shopping, the "Showcase Shopping" ads. These display not one, but several of your products related to the user's request. This advertising display mode allows you, as an advertiser, to make visible a panel of products associated with your brand. It therefore influences the consumer perception of your offer and your business.

Shopping ads for a product vs. Showcase Shopping
Differentiate the display of a "Shopping for a product" ad from a "Showcase Shopping" ad.

Google Shopping Ads are for Internet users who don't really have a clear idea of the product they're looking for yet...or the brand they're interested in. These advertisements are thus displayed in response to fairly general requests that cut across a variety of brands and products.

The advertiser is the sole master of the products that it displays on Google Shopping via its Showcase Shopping ads. Several display strategies are possible:

  • associating similar products with different appearances;
  • focus on the best selling products;
  • display the most popular products for the season.
Where do Google Shopping ads appear?

Google Shopping ads appear in Google's natural search results, in the "Shopping" tab of the search engine, on partner sites when you request them, and on its Display network. This includes Youtube, Gmail and Google Discover.

Do Google Shopping ads appear on Gmail?

Yes, since March 2020. They are located in the "Promotions" and "Social Networks" tabs of the email inbox.

Is it free to appear on Google Shopping?

At the time of writing this article, appearing on Google Shopping in France is still paying for advertisers. The web giant has nevertheless announced that Google Shopping will become free in 2020. This is already the case in the United States.

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