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How long does it take to validate Google Shopping ads?

time validation Google Shopping ads

There are many guidelines to follow to see your business appear on Google Shopping. The time that advertisers take to apply them makes it possible to understand how much time Google spends validating Google Shopping ads.

These approval times are variable and depend on a multitude of parameters. Controlling these factors improves the chances of seeing your ads quickly validated. In the best cases, the advertiser can thus expect a verification within 3 days.

Variable approval time on Google Merchant Center

The process for a Google Shopping campaign to be validated and therefore released can take several days. For appear on Google ShoppingIn fact, advertisements are subject to different types of evaluation.

Google prioritizes the main product feed to check that it meets all instructions governing product data. In particular, they must include ten or so mandatory attributes, such as the title of the product, its description or its price list. These attributes must also sometimes be displayed in a specific format. All these parameters are part of theadding products to Google Shopping. They all require a certain amount of time for verification.

Google's recommendations for Shopping ads are very detailed. The giant legislates on all product data, especially on the product images.

In particular, Google scrutinizes product titles and descriptions. These must be adapted to the article to the millimetre. What is at stake for the advertiser is indeed the fact that respond effectively to the requests of Internet users. For this, the company is only allowed 150 characters of title and 5000 characters of description. Precise keywords should therefore be used to differentiate one product from another and facilitate the user's search experience.

Due to the diversity of product data and ad formats that Google evaluates, it takes several days to validate Google Shopping ads. This also explains why some ads are quickly validated and others are not. More Google's algorithms can be easily found in your product dataThe more your ads have a chance to receive a quick validation.

What are some tips to speed up the validation of Google Shopping ads?

There are many guidelines for writing product data on Google Shopping. Learning and applying them all can sometimes be a long and arduous process. But it's a good way to using Google Shopping well. The majority of Google Shopping ad refusals are indeed explained by the non-compliance with rules on product data.

In such cases, the advertiser has 28 days to rectify the situation. To do so, the advertiser must correct all the product data concerned and then re-import its main product flow. Google then takes 3 days to re-evaluate the feed. This means that the procedure is almost as time-consuming than the one that consists in inquiring about the instructions in terms of attributes produced upstream of the validation request.

Google's recommendations about product attributes sometimes depend on the advertiser's industry. Here is an example of a recommendation for the ready-to-wear sector. Google Shopping Support

Once the advertiser obtains validation of Google Shopping ads, some tips to speed up the launch of your campaign. For example, he can bid on a generous maximum cost per click (CPC), or favour a "click maximization" bidding strategy.

Refusal to validate Google Shopping ads: how to react?

It happens that Google refuses certain Google Shopping ads. In this case, the advertiser receives either alerts on its product feeds or alerts relating to the articles.

In the first case, the problem is most often at the level of product attributes. In the case of a item alertthe worries can be of different kinds.

However, a rejection of articles always gives explanations from Google. The advertiser therefore receives warnings or suggestions for optimisation concerning its products.

Warnings often relate to items whose sale is in fact prohibited on Google Shopping. This prohibition is sometimes explained by the fact that the sale of the products concerned is subject to an age limit or to verification of the identity of the buyer.

We find among the items that cannot be sold on Google Shopping :

  • ticketing products, such as tickets for shows or transport tickets ;
  • most land and sea vehicles;
  • income related to financial management and investments ;
  • currencies and other virtual currencies ;
  • services;
  • real estate ;
  • most products involving continuous billing.
How do I contact the Google Merchant Center?

You can go to the Google Merchant Center support. There, advertisers can search for answers by topic, ask questions to a community of experts, or contact a Google advisor directly.

How do I resolve a product identifier error?

Many Google Shopping ads are refused because the advertiser made a typing error when entering the GTIN product attribute (Global Trade Item Number). Google Shopping also requires the company to provide either the GTIN or the MPN (Manufacturer Part Number). The two fields cannot remain empty at the same time.

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