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How many ad extensions can I set up in Google Ads?

extensions d'Google Ads

You can set within the interface as many ad extensions as you want to add for your campaigns of - ! Indeed, Google offers you these features limitless of use.

However, although the setting of these ad extensionss is child's play, you must keep in mind that for ad extensions to be displayed, your ad must meet the quality threshold set by Google.

In this article, we take a look at the different types of ad extensions and how to set them up in your ASP campaigns. 

What is the difference between manual and automatic extension? 

Google evolves its platform and regularly proposes new ad extensions. In order to be able to fully use the potential of these functionalities, it is first of all necessary to understand the difference between manual extensions and automatic extensions.

Google Ads directly creates the automatic extensions and displays them under the ads. Indeed, Google bases itself on its calculations by adding extensions necessary to improve the performance of the ads. For manual extensions, you will need to configure them within the interface by filling in additional information.

How much does it cost to set up the extensions?

Good news, you don't have to pay extra for setting up your ads! You pay the same cost for a click on the title of the ad. However, clicks are not charged for the manual extension "Merchant reviews".

For example, if one of your prospects or customers downloads your application from the application extension in your ad, then the click will be charged.

In any case, you only pay for a maximum of two clicks per print (either on the ad or on its extensions).

What are the manual extensions? 

  • Call extensions
  • Hook extensions
  • The location
  • Site extracts
  • Addition of Related Links

Automatic extensions

  • Merchant Notice
  • Dynamic links to the appendices
extensions d'Google Ads
How many ad extensions can I set up in Google Ads?

How are the extensions displayed if you set them all up? 

It's Google Ads who chooses whether or not to display the extensions of your ads if the quality threshold of the ad is met. It is therefore Google Ads which will automatically choose the most effective combination in relation to the click rate per keyword. Google can choose up to 3 extensions different on the same ad, however it does not guarantee any type of broadcast. 

In short, if your ad extension is not triggered, this is due to the ranking of the ad, which is too low. If you notice that your ads are not displayed, we advise you to increase your bid and improve the quality of your ad. 


The ad extensions allow you to gain visibility and improve your click-through rate. The latter has an impact on the Quality Score taken into account by Google to classify the relevance of your ad. Eventually, it is Google who will decide whether to display ad extensions or not. We therefore advise you to test several extensions and to add additional information so that Internet users notice your ads at first glance. In this sense, a good configuration of the ad extensions allows you to increase the performance of your campaigns and maximize your ROI. An indispensable asset for your SEA campaigns that should not be overlooked, in short. 

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