Cost-effective Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising, also known as “sponsored links”, consists in increasing traffic by making websites more visible in Google search results.

Adword Campaigns Optimized by Staenk

It is important to use a detail-oriented and structured approach for Adword campaigns to coordinate with search engine marketing aims. At Staenk, we regularly and accurately segment and optimize your campaigns.

référencement naturel VS référencement payant

What are the results of a successful campaign?

> A better cost per click (CPC)

> High quality levels

> Qualified visitors

Adwords Success Factors

Keyword choice
High-impact ads
High quality
Performance history

Click-through rates
User experience

Overall Support

In addition to sponsored link campaigns, we provide recommendations on conversion tracking and on the ergonomics of your landing page. Staenk has several skill-sets: SEA, SEO, web strategy consulting, the creation of content. These skills are all used in an effort to understand your strategy.


Certified Adwords Campaign (Google Partner)

Certification adwords réseau de recherche 2017

Staenk works with you to create and manage your Adwords campaign. Our skills have been approved by Google (Google Adwords certificate and Google Partner certificate).