Top of the best Google Doodles

We love Google Doodles, so we bring you our top Doodle videos and popular google doodle games!

This list is regularly updated, come back often! 😉

1. interactive game for containment

Here is the link to play now and pass the time faster: I want to play the new Google Doodle.

1.bis Halloween 2017: the story of a little ghost (too cute)

Google tells us the story of a ghost who would like to do Halloween with his little friends... A nice little animation!

2. 83rd anniversary of the birth of Édouard Khil

The Doodle is an animation of this viral clip "Trololo". Khil takes the scene with the signature "tro-lo-lo-ing". A round of applause for "Mr. Trololo" on what would have been his 83rd birthday!

3. hip-hop anniversary

Google celebrates the DJ who invented rap with an interactive mixer doodle (influence of the series The Get Down)

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