#Awesome Webmarketing and Communication internship

3 (or more) little words about Staenk :

Digital communication agency in the making created with passion

Born in Lyon in 2015, Staenk was the result of the growing demand from companies to communicate on the web. More than a com' agency, we accompany our clients in a personalized way in their web project. Actors in digital transformation, we advise, produce and train companies from various sectors and of various sizes. Our clients are start-ups, freelancers and SMEs based in France, Switzerland and Germany.


The #Awesome mission

Under the responsibility of the founder, you will be in charge of managing digital projects: content creation, advertising account management, community management. You will work daily on a wide variety of subjects:

  • You will manage advertising campaigns for sponsored links, displays or products
  • You will carry out community management missions on the main social networks: writing editorial content, creating visuals, animating communities
  • You will write articles on various themes for the agency or its clients.
  • You will improve the technical part of the sites for natural referencing
  • You will analyze the results of the campaigns with the Google Analytics tool.

Before you nominate yourself, would you...?

  • You already have notions of webmarketing and main web levers such as SEO, SEM, social networks, content marketing
  • You have an Adwords qualification or you can claim it
  • You have impeccable spelling and recognized writing skills, you like to write and you can see it
  • You are used to communicating in English

You are #awesome because...

You are familiar with digital worlds, you are active on social networks and can easily identify networks according to the target to be reached.

You have already created a sponsored link campaign and you have obtained #awesome results

You like to understand how digital campaigns work for your favourite brands and like to work in an efficient and organised way

Practical information about the internship

Staenk is based in the coworking space La Cordée in the 3rd district of Lyon.

You can start the internship (at the end of your studies) now for a minimum duration of 4 months.

This #Awesome offer inspires you to play and give us reasons to choose you!

Be yourself is the key word for us. Send us your CV or a link to your online CV at hello@staenk.com along with a few words describing yourself. No obligation of form or substance, what matters to us is to get to know you better.

See you soon!

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