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Staenk gets its Google Partner badge!

Yessss!!!! We are proud to announce that we are now an official Google partner, and with the award of this label, our structure has just joined the global network of five thousand Google partners specialized in online advertising.

Expert in webmarketing

The Google Partners badge first of all recognizes the expertise of its employees in web marketing and the use of the Google Adwords tool (Google's far tool for online advertising), which is audited and certified every year by Google.

Strict criteria

The world's leading search engine also selects its partners based on their economic characteristics, best practices and excellent customer relationships. Google Ads agency certified!

Sound budgetary management

Only companies that have given all the guarantees of sound budgetary management, financial soundness and a certain dynamism in their field of activity.

As close as possible to your customers

A rigorous professional examination allows Google to ensure that its employees apply a client-oriented approach through the optimized, comprehensive and accurate use of the tools and options it makes available to them.

State-of-the-art campaigns

Being a Google Partner offers our agency the opportunity to benefit from the latest training courses of the web giant in digital advertising, consolidating and developing the quality of our services.

Consistent quality

Finally, the network operation ensures that all Google Adwords users have referenced, geo-localized and globally represented routes.
Each Google Partner has a profile detailing its preferred business sector(s), the level of service it provides (initial configuration, ad hoc evolutions, continuous management of applications or relationships), the number of Google-certified employees in the entity, their specialties, and the fee schedule for services applied.

See the public profile of the Staenk agency
We thank all our customers for trusting us since the beginning of the Staenk adventure.

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