Site Kit by Google: how to configure it on a WordPress site?

In view of the success of the WordPress websites and the importance of theuser experience (also known as UX), Google decided to create its own plugin named Site Kit by GoogleIt gathers all the Google information needed to analyze performance and develop your website.

Site Kit is a free open-source pluginIt centralizes all essential data, so you no longer have to consult 10 different pages for all the Google servicesThanks to this Google innovationWith two clicks, you can access all the important information about the use of your site.

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Discover the plugin in video

The various Google services centralized in a WordPress extension

In order to save time in the management of your website and of the Google services, the Site Kit plugin allows you to access the various information in a few clicks.

Since your WordPress dashboardthis Google plugin gives you access to:

  • Google Analytics understanding how the people behave users on your site (number of visits, number of clicks, country of connection, most visited pages...)
  • Google Search Console Analyze what Google displays on the search engine and identify the keywords that allowed you to access your site.
  • Google Adsense Control expenses and revenues generated as a result of your campaigns Google Ads.
  • PageSpeed Insights : access all the performance of your site, including the loading speed of your pages.
  • Google Tag Manager : configure markers and examine user behavior through analysis of the CTA, of the conversions, of the downloadsof the pscroll depth of the scroll
  • Google Optimize This tool allows you to test different strategies in order to consult the benefits. A/B testing.

The main dashboard of theGoogle extension gives you access to all this information.

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Who should install the Site Kit by Google plugin?

This plugin has been designed for different user profiles.

This extension is ideal for anyone who wants to deepen the online presence of their WordPress website. But also for those who wish to understand the Internet users' behaviourThis analysis is done, for example, through the most visited content or by examining the conversion rate.

In addition, whether you have a site for your company or a online shop, the Site Kit plugin gives you the possibility to access in a few clicks all the relevant information about the performance of your online storefrontThis free tool gives you the opportunity to grow and increase your chances of sales.

If you are a branch office or a developerthis extension Google is a great strength for your work and will become the essential tool in your daily life to understand and develop the performance of your customers.

I mean, if you have a WordPress website and an account in the different Google services as Google Search ConsoleGoogle AnalyticsPageSpeed Insights or AdSenseSite Kit by Google allows you to have a single dashboard for all your data.

One of the advantages of this new tool is that it is developed by Googlewhich is the world's leading search engine. The data entered are relevant to the SERPs and understand the user habitsThe results obtained are all updated and presented with tips / tricks provided directly by Google, so you have all the maps in hand to differentiate yourself from the competition and gain visibility.

How to install the Google plugin on your WordPress site?

To install and integrate the Site Kit by Google Site plugin to your WordPress websitehere are the different steps to follow:

  1. In your Dashboard WordPressIf you want to add an extension, go to the "Extensions" section and then "Add".
  2. Search with the name Site Kit by GoogleThe visual of the plugin is the same as Google's.
  3. Click on "Install".
  4. At the end of the installation, a confirmation will appear, click on the blue button to synchronize your extension and connect your different profiles.
  5. If this message does not appear, return to the menu of your WordPress extensions where it is also possible to activate the Google pluginFollowing this activation, the connection to your Google account is possible on". website kit "then "settings".

The data presented do not replace in-depth analyses of Google services directly from the sites dedicated to their functionalities, however, this new Site Kit by Google Site plugin provides access to the KPI This approach ensures that your WordPress website.

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