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SEO Camp Lyon 2020

Feedback on the SEO CAMP Day in Lyon 2020 by l'Staenk agency

On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, Staenk's SEO team participated in the SEO Camp 2020 at the Hotel de Région Montrochet in Lyon 2e.

A program intensive with 6 conferences of 45 minutes each given by SEO experts from the 4 corners of France (and Spain).

Here is our feedback on the conferences seen during this SEO training day.

How to define a content strategy to be an SEO leader?

Nicolas Nguyen, SEO specialist for more than 10 years and co-founder of the SEMJI tool, explains how to efficiently optimize its content to be leader on high volume requests.

Its method is simple, analyze the strategy of competitors positioned on the keyword and propose a strategy more dense and complete in content.
While taking the example of the keyword "home loan", he explains to us that it is absolutely necessary to be present at all stages of the customer's journey.

The methodology consists of several steps:

  • Step 1: Take the 4-5 competitors and focus on the content that brings the most traffic,
  • Step 2: Export the best pages, the associated keywords and the traffic obtained for the competitors and look at which content from which competitor brings the most traffic based on a keyword,
  • Step 3: Prioritize the content to be created by theme/silo by adding more content than competitors,
  • Step 4: Create a roadmap of the content to be created and the potential traffic to be acquired,
  • Step 5: Writing and optimizing the most relevant content.

It also reminds us of the importance of creating a complete SEO brief for editors. The SEO brief remains the spearhead of the SEO strategy. It guides writers to optimize, write and have a better-performing/relevant content.

For your SEO brief: Keyword to target, theme to address, length of content, questions to answer, associated lexical field and internal links to integrate.

To see the slides of the conference, it is right here !

SEO - Prestashop: from technical audit to implementation 

Christopher Vidal has been an SEO and e-commerce consultant since 2007. He focused his conference on the points that come up regularly during a technical audit on a site under Prestashop.
For him the SEO audit is divided into 3 main parts: onsite, onpage and offsite.

Here is the video that shows the slides of his intervention.

I advise you to follow him on LinkedIn to get SEO videos every week.

Marketing automation, behind the buzzword, a concrete method to sell better.

Pierre Ammeloot is a specialist in marketing automation since 2005. He also launched his tool to compare and find the right Marketing Automation software.

The conference starts with a key figure: 5% of companies are equipped with one or more marketing automation tools.
But equipped doesn't mean used.

Indeed, as a company, the priorities at the moment are :

  1. Convert prospects into customers,
  2. Increase his average basket,
  3. Reduce the cost of acquiring a prospect.

On the vast majority of websites, the conversion rate is as high as 2%. What do we do with the remaining 98%?

Marketing automation, if used properly, remains a tool to significantly increase the conversion of a site, whether it is an e-commerce site or a showcase site. Marketing is then available to the sales person.

He also raises an important point. A lot of sites are trying to sell at all costs. Therefore, in their marketing strategy, they cannot distinguish the maturity of the customer. This maturity can be assessed using several marketing levers.

He reminds that for him, marketing automation remains a segmentation according to the sales tunnel to accompany them to move to the next step:

unknown / visitor / prospect / customer / ambassador

He also explains that it is important to define your personas and to limit yourself to 3 persona.

According to each persona, we will highlight 3 needs and 3 scenarios for each need. We then seek to integrate marketing automation actions in the acquisition tunnel and thus increase conversions.

For more information on his conference, find his personal website.

Platforms and strategies for recovering expired domain names

David Chelly is an SEO consultant specializing in domain names.

The slides of his conference are available on his website Domainesexpires.

In particular, it explains the different types of domain names. .fr domain names are managed by AFNIC and have a 30-day redemption period. At the end of the 30-day period, the domain name becomes recoverable. It advises to make a reservation on the 5 tools, during its domain name recovery strategy.

Thank you to SEO CAMP for allowing us to have continuous training by experts! We hope to see you next year!

à propos de l'auteur.e : Deborah Achour

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