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The Staenk team wishes you a merry Christmas and reveals the recipe for its black forest log

A friendly moment in a team

This year, we wanted to innovate to celebrate Christmas and invite our team to share a convivial moment and live an unforgettable experience (no no, we're not exaggerating tout !). To do so, we were invited to participate in a cooking workshop in order to make our own meal from Noël !

The Staenk team at the stove!

Another surprise revealed during the evening: kitchen aprons personalized with the name of our agence !

This evening also allowed us to celebrate:

  • The 4e year of the Staenk agency. 2018 was a year rich in news and events. We accompanied new clients in different sectors: Novella, seiitra, Rampngo, Easy request, Negozen, MBTP.
  • We also worked for the organizing committee of the science festival.
  • The arrival of Sarah as web editor and community manager within the lyonnaise  team;
  • The creation of a new agency in Nantes and the arrival of Anaïs as Senior Digital Strategy Consultant.

Our special menu "holiday preview".

Enough joking, it's high time to reveal our menu "before the holidays".

  • As an appetizer:
    • a butternut soup, nothing better to warm up and eat tasty vegetables and saison ;
    • this delicious soup was accompanied by ravioli, the stuffing of which was of course made by us. A "Made in Staenk" stuffing composed of Italian ricotta and parsley.
  • Flat:
    • After the tedious step of peeling, and as such, we would like to thank the involvement of our colleague Anaïs who tackled this difficult task, we mixed celery with apple to bring a slight note sucrée ;
    • steamed mushrooms and chestnuts sautéed in a pan and seasoned with olive oil (Sarah being Mediterranean, olive oil made her shout for joy) and sprinkled with parsley haché
    • a hake cooked first in a pan and then in the oven and seasoned with olive oil and miel ;
  • For dessert:
    • A "Black Forest" Christmas log made by us. This dessert is a must and always a sensation at the end of a festive meal. It's the apotheosis, the little touch of fin ! It was unthinkable for our team that this dish was not on our menu.

The Staenk team shares with you the manufacturing secrets of its log

It was a first for our team: the making of a log of Noël ! And for the first time, we are rather proud of the result, even if, as you will see, our log was not without a few small defects. We would like to thank our Chef Marianna for her patience and kindness in guiding us through all the stages of making the log.

Pauline spreading the whipped cream on the log

However, we caution our readers about the few obstacles we have encountered and that they will have to face:

  • The preparation of the biscuit required the preparation of the butter ointment, which is cooked at room temperature and must be worked until its consistency is as soft as that of an ointment. For this reason, we were very happy (and relieved) to be equipped with a robot that considerably facilitated the tâche ! We would like to salute the courage of those who work with a spatula.
  • Spreading the ganache on the biscuit was a grueling ordeal. Sarah, who volunteered to take on the challenge, suffered a crushing defeat under the half-frightened and half-amused eyes of her colleagues. Indeed, it is necessary to spread 1 cm of ganache (no more and no less! The life of your log is at stake) and it must be done very quickly. Patient, though somewhat disappointed, our chef Marianna suggested that we repeat the experience. Luckily, the second time went much better and we were able to get an absolutely perfect ganache! (here, we may be exaggerating a bit).
  • Rolling the log was also a difficult and particularly stressful task. Our Swann employee could do it at témoigner ! In order for you to succeed hands down this delicate operation, we advise you to proceed carefully and use a cloth.

Before we leave you, we would like to announce that Swann, co-founder of the agency, has decided to reproduce the recipe for the black forest log on Christmas Eve, and if he keeps his promises, we will not hesitate to publish the photos on our page Facebook ! So stay tuned 🙂

The recipe for our black forest log unveiled

You can find the complete recipe by clicking here.

The entire Staenk team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

à propos de l'auteur.e : Sarah Hafiz

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