New Adwords interface: discover what has changed + our opinion

Announced in March 2017, the new Adwords interface is currently being deployed. Google's goal is to simplify recurring tasks, make it easier to consult accounts and offer new options!

Enough to turn the sphere upside down SEA !

Let's find out what changes have been made graphically and functionally.

Changes made to the Adwords interface

The overview of the situation

When you go to the new interface, you can access an overview that did not exist before, consisting of several tables and graphs designed to provide fairly general information on all campaigns, such as a performance curve to adjust according to the period over which you want to have the data, boxes on the most significant variations, campaign tops and keywords, a cloud of search terms, an insert per device, a focus day and hour and auction analysis.

We love: The choice of information on this overview is certainly not random since it is data that is used when you want to analyze the performance of an Adwords account.

We love less: In the old Adwords interface, we used to get directly to the general data related to campaigns.

The navigation bar

Another element that has also changed is the navigation bar to navigate to the different options of a campaign and ad groups: previously horizontal, the bar is now vertical on the left, the tabs have also been modified, first of all, the "opportunities" tab is no longer at the top of the account's general bar, but of course this new vertical bar, as well as the history of the changes, some information that was previously in submenus is now accessible directly here, for example "destination page" which was before in the "variable" tab

We love: The new vertical bar on the left makes it easier to access the data, it makes it easier to access the main information and it also provides more space for the diagram related to campaign and ad group statistics.

We like less Most of the information is now available in the predefined reports that can be found in the menu of active reports at the top right of the interface.

The functionalities

With this new interface, Google Adwords also brings its share of new features:

  • Adjusting bids for call extensions to take into account the rate of lost impressions.
  • Showcase Shopping ads whose objective is to present several products grouped on the Shopping network
  • Centralization of targeting options for Google's Display Network and remarketing lists for Search Network ads.
  • The extension of promotional announcements to highlight specific promotions and offers with announcements on the Research Network.
  • The association of the account with third-party application analysis platforms

The parameter setting wheel

Now in the new interface, you won't find the small gearwheel in the top right to get to the account settings, it has now given way to three small dots, and when you click on it, a menu appears in which you can find the keyword planning tools, ad preview, shared library, group actions, statistics and configurations.

We love: These topics are all very important, so it's a good idea to group them together on a single menu.

We love less: This change requires us to completely rethink the way we find information about Adwords.

Our overall opinion on the new Adwords interface

First the Analytics interface, then Google Adwords Editor... now it's time for Google Adwords to redesign! we really appreciate the new interface from an ergonomic point of view, it makes it easier to find what we're looking for and eventually, improve productivity and save time. Google has really tried to make the most important information more accessible.

Today, we still have the possibility to stay on the old interface or test the new version, so obviously, since we know the old Adwords interface at our fingertips, we often tend to want to stay on what we know, and keep our good old habits ! obviously, the latter will have to disappear, so we have to get used to this change (slowly, but surely)!

Most of the old features are implemented on the new interface, however, some of them are not yet fully implemented, for example, the interface does not yet provide Analytics data on user engagement, such as bounce rate or average session duration, which is a real shame, so we are looking forward to the new version of Google Adwords being operational at 100 %!

Want to discover the new Adwords interface? Watch this video which explains the new features of 🙂

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