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How to choose the right project management software?

Do you have a business and want to invest in software to manage all your projects? Faced with the diversity of project management software available, it can be complicated to choose the right tool for everyone in your company.

Staenk has tested several solutions, and gives you here some advice to help you find THE best one. project management software for your company or your daily organization.

Why use project management software?

A project involves a variety of skills with many interlocutors at precise deadlines. A project management software quickly becomes indispensable, in order to coordinate all the people involved in the project, thus allowing it to evolve. 

A good management software must be able to meet the main needs of a project, namely: 

  1. a global vision and a follow-up of the progress of the project
  2. communication between stakeholders
  3. an organization of tasks and sub-tasks

How do I choose the ideal project management software for my company?

Determine the objectives of your software

The first element that will greatly help you make your choice is to identify the needs you have when managing projects.

Perhaps you would like to keep track of the time you spend on completed tasks so you can better allocate your budget? A simple task management software may be enough for you to better organize yourself?

List all the items you want to have in your dashboard on a daily basis. Thus, you can set aside several criteria according to your needs, namely : 

  • The management of the tasks of a project,
  • Budget management, 
  • A tracker for the time spent by each person on each task,
  • A project chat that makes it easier to communicate,
  • A global vision of the progress of the gantt chart type project,
  • The integration of documents either as attachments or directly modifiable on the software

This is only an exhaustive list of criteria, you can of course add more according to your needs.

Probe your employees

The best way to make your choice is to ask your employees what their daily needs are.

How are they managing their tasks at the moment? How do they organize themselves during the week?

This can be a good start to identify which features you want to find clearly and visibly on your software.

Tell your employees about your software search. They will surely be able to guide you on the indicators they are monitoring or those they would like to have an eye on. At the same time, they have probably already tested some project management applications that can help you make your choice.

Our software testing at Staenk

At Staenk, we work in project mode on a daily basis. We have therefore need a software that can group together the main functionalities that can help us to coordinate our tasks, and have a clear vision of the progress of the various projects. 

Software for task management and project management, there are some of them hundreds and hundreds. Each solution has its advantages but also disadvantages which are relatively subjective and specific to each individual. Some people will love certain aspects of the software. On the contrary, others will not find it useful.

However, the best way to make your choice is to test! It is with this in mind that we have tested several softwares in order to position ourselves on the one that suits the whole team.



Monday is the first project management software that we have developed have tested internally at the agency. It is presented as a Saas software very which brings together the functionalities of various well-known solutions such as Trello, Gmail, MailChimp, etc.

Applications Monday - Project Management Software

Created in 2014, many companies and organizations have already chosen it because of its many advantages.

In particular, Monday allows for personalised task management. Here, no checkboxes but rather a task report in the form of labels to be customized. For example, you can choose to create labels such as "To Do - In Progress - Done". In fact, Monday allows you to create the labels you want, to help you see more clearly in the progress of your project. 

Task Management Monday - Project Management Software

This software also allows you to have a personalized project organization.

Do you have any special working methods? No problem, this software has many customization options thanks to the addition of "widgets", which allows you to set up the project tracking dashboard that suits you.

Task management in AGILE mode - Project management software

There is also integrated timetracking. Thanks to the addition of widgets, it is possible to set up a follow-up of the time spent on each task. Isn't that ideal? 

In the same way, Monday also allows you to have a global vision of the progress of your projects such as the Gantt Chart :

Gantt Chart Monday - Project Management Software

At first glance, Monday has all the ideal project management software. However, we have noted some drawbacks to its use.

From a point of view User eXperienceIf you add a lot of features to your dashboards, they can take a long time to scrawl horizontally.

The overall view of the data is not very clear. This view is quite subjective since some users will not have the same opinion on it. We therefore did not have a very clear vision of the progress of the projects since the view of the task tracking table is complicated to grasp.

The main disadvantage we have noted is that there are too many customization options. In the same way, the widgets have to be managed outside the application, which leads to the creation of accounts outside the software, in order to be able to fully integrate these tools into our dashboards.

Let's talk price! Monday is available to professionals and individuals from 39€ per month. Although practical, you will have understood it we we did not stop at this software, since we had the desire and the need to test other solutions to optimize the management of our projects.


Podio Logo

Podiobut what is it really? It's a collaborative solution launched in 2011 by a Danish entrepreneur, then bought by Citrix in 2012. Just like Monday, Podio works by "workspaces" and adding applications.

Podio Features - Project Management Software

Your spaces sections such as HR or marketing, but also sections such as different projects in the same cluster if you wish. In other words, You manage and organize your workspaces as you see fit.

After having tested Podio for a while, here are the general features we have enjoyed:

  1. Ability to add files and share them
  2. Adding possible applications: add-on modules
  3. Calendar with a view of project progress
  4. Update of the progress of Trello type tasks
Task Management - Task Management Software

This software has everything you would expect from a project management software.

However, the very sober interface of the saas solution as well as the increased number of functionalities meant that from a User Experience point of view once again, we hadn't found what we needed.

We wanted software that was SIMPLE and very easy to use at first glance!


Asana Logo

For our 3th test, we are s project management software ASANA. It was during this third test phase that we started to perceive what we wanted really in terms of functionality and design for our future tool.

Asana is a nice task management tool that allows teams to track their work. This tool has many features such as the creation of tasks, projects (called portfolios) but also dashboards.

This software is very advantageous in terms of price as it is free for small teams (15 people maximum). Beyond that, ASANA offers you packages starting from 10,99€ per person/month.

Asana project management - Project management software

Regarding ASANA, our feedback on this software is similar to previous software:

  • Easy management of projects, tasks and sub-tasks,
  • Difficulty to see the interest of some features despite the use of tutorials,
  • No detailed overview of task progress. This feature is available for more expensive packages,
  • For applications, an external account outside ASANA was also needed for timetracking or the value of a task.
Task management on Asana, project management software

As this was a test, we did not have all the essential elements for project management available. If you ever want to deepen your tests with ASANA, you will find all the functionalities according to the available prices.

Despite this, this software still did not meet our expectations in terms of functionality and UX design.


NiftyPM logo

Nifty Project Management is the latest management software we tested and guess what? It's the one we chose!

Task Management - Nifty PM - Project Management Software

At first glance, we immediately adopted it because it integrates all the features we were looking for:

  • Integrated time tracking,
  • No application additions: all functionalities are integrated into the software,
  • Easy task management like Trello,
  • A project organization like Slack chat channels,
  • General progress of the project: Gantt Chart,
  • Slack chat channel, chat with collaborators,
  • Very clear view of the work of each team member.

In short, we have found our ideal project management software!

The disadvantage that may arise is that the support is in English. As the platform is still under development, you may be faced with very regular updates to optimize the solution.

The advantage is that they develop features based on user feedback and that's really great.

To help you make a better choice, here is a summary table of the information relating to each project management software:

Product information Monday Podio Asana Nifty
Awards From 39€/month Free for 5 employees. Then, from 9€ to 24€/month... Free for up to 15 employees. Then 10,99€ per additional person... Free for up to 3 employees. Then from 7,19€...
Free version No, but 15-day free trial Yes Yes Yes
Training Webinars Documentation & online training Webinars & Tutorials Premium Academic Training
Help Resources Support function Contact form & user forum Forum, Case studies, Support function Support function, FAQ
Features Flexible & customizable design


File Storage

Adding applications

Project overview
Adding & sharing files

Task management

Adding add-on modules

Project overview
Flexible, fast and modern design.


Create custom calendars and views.
No external applications

Simplified task management

Project messages & discussions

Project overview (Gant chart)

Document Additions & File Sharing

Easy Drive Design Document Editing

And you, which project management software did you choose and why?

à propos de l'auteur.e : Salome Guillemot

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