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Google Maps, the major advances of 2020!

Major Google Maps Advances

15 years after the creation of Google Maps, the American giant shows more than ever its ambitions for the first navigation application used in the world with no less than 1 billion users per month.

It all started last February, with a redesign of its logo, more minimalist, but which hides real major advances for Google Maps!

Google Maps logo evolution

As the first webmarketing agency in France, we couldn't afford to miss out on marketing advances! In full restructuring of its foundations in terms of advertising (more transparency, more freedom and control for users and the end of Cookies...), Google has developed a new advertising experience on Google Maps.

You may have already noticed it during your holidays in the South, but some ads were hidden in the cartography.

Google Maps Ads
Highlight Google Ads

We are all now well used to these little Google My Business business cards showing us all the good addresses around us. You should know that among them are, from now on, advertisements.

These local campaigns are undoubtedly a godsend for all local businesses that certainly do not have the means to target more widely using Google Search.

And, good news, Google is not going to stop at this simple sponsored business card! Indeed, it will soon be possible to show your brand on a route, via its logo. The user will then just have to click on your brand to add a stop sign when he is on the move. This solution becomes ideal to promote to people who are located around a sponsored business.

Friends users don't panic! Jen Fitzpatrick, head of the Google Maps teams, said in an interview for Wired "We make sure that when we add ads in Maps, we do it in a way that is useful and not disturbing. ... We are aware that there are times when you are driving, walking or doing other things that may put you at risk. »

Want to know more about how it works? This way, please. !

Creating Google Maps events

Another very interesting innovation for companies is the upcoming arrival of events on Google Maps! And that, believe me, you're all going to use it!

The concept? You are a bar, café, art gallery, museum... and you are organizing an event for the biennial, a concert or other. So you have prepared a communication but lack of means, it comes down to flyers in your premises and remarketing advertising on social networks. So your volume remains very limited. But that was without counting on Google Maps events! It will now be possible for you to display your event on Maps and this 100% for free!

This is what it will look like:

Google Maps event

We can imagine that this will be limited to professionals, certainly with the help of Google my Business, but this is undoubtedly a real innovation for many companies.

Use of Waze data 

This is also a great innovation that undoubtedly improves the use of Maps while driving. As I'm sure you all know, a few months ago Google bought the Israeli company Waze for a little over 1 billion euros (three times nothing when you're called Google). For those of you who don't already use it, Waze is also a GPS application that displays real-time highway and road traffic.

You now suspect that Google wasn't going to buy the company for nothing! Waze lovers don't worry either, the application still has a lot of years ahead of it. However, Google Maps did not hesitate to integrate the same technology to its own application in order to know the traffic in real time:

Google Maps Options
Google Maps Traffic

You also have the option to display the speed limit with a notification if you exceed it.

Enhanced navigation

Pedestrian friends, don't worry, you are not forgotten! As one of the world's most innovative companies, you can imagine that Google couldn't help but add a few new and exciting features. It is with augmented reality that Google Maps has passed a real gap! It's no longer a question of simply placing the little yellow man to see a Street view. It is now possible to walk virtually and in reality in the streets you visit!

Google Maps Augmented Reality

So no more 360° turns to know in which direction to go, synchronized with your camera and a map view, you can then see in real time the direction to take. Real advanced or gadget, I let you decide!

To activate it? Nothing could be simpler!

Choose a route and then select pedestrian mode. The Live View option will then be proposed to you:

Google Maps Augmented Reality Activation

Improved streets for pedestrians

You don't have an RV-compatible smartphone or are not a fan of this type of "gadget"? Don't panic, a real innovation is in preparation for you too!

Google is currently working on a major improvement to pedestrian information on Google Maps. This will show the location of pedestrian crossings, exact street widths, sidewalks and pedestrian islands.

For people with reduced mobility or young parents, essential accessibility information will also be available.

Google Maps detailed map

For fear of disappointing some people, this innovation, which could not be more useful in everyday life, will initially be deployed in San Francisco, New York and London. In the coming months, other major cities will be available (Paris?). As for other cities in France, we will certainly have to be (very) patient.

More detailed Google Maps mapping

While Google Maps estimates that it has mapped 98% of the planet, its second phase will be to improve the details.

In a few months, an important update will transform the landscapes on the application. Summits, deserts, depths, aridity, forest density... Nothing will escape Google Maps anymore.

The objective is to highlight all the natural characteristics of the place: "You can tell at a glance how lush and green a place is with its vegetation, and even see if there's snow on the mountain tops." explains Google.


Iceland Google Maps
Sedona Google Maps

Even if this change will not be useful for people living in the vicinity of everyday life, it will be essential for mountain hikers or other summer adventurers.

As explained in her interview, the head of Google Maps has shown a real willingness to push the application to its peak. No longer primarily aimed at drivers, the application will be available to everyone and everywhere. Adding more and more features and options in line with the latest trends. Will augmented reality be the real future of Google Maps or will we still have new surprises?

Nothing is less sure that, for the 15 years of Google Maps, the Californian firm has not skimped on means and expectations!

To be continued!

à propos de l'auteur.e : Damien Puisieux

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