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E-commerce: a winning player against Coronavirus

Ecommerce a winning player against coronavirus

In this particular period of the Coronavirus, otherwise known as "Covid-19", the situation and the activity of companies are affected in the heart of the matter.

The closure of shops for an indefinite period of time forces shopkeepers to organize themselves and suffer a drop in activity.

However, good news for many of you! The deliveries are always allowed in this unique period of time, thus representing a real online business opportunity

What about e-commerce?

Whether you're a pure-player (online shop only) or on the contrary a click and mortar (a physical shop with a subsequent e-commerce site), online commerce represents a genuine development leverif not the only one allowing you to maintain a level of activity for your business.

As delivery services are still available today, the sales opportunity is therefore turning to online shops.

Online business opportunities

It's a very natural behaviour for users to resort to delivering their shopping, or to look for more activities on the net that will keep their children occupied.

Online purchase on e-commerce sites

People are looking to keep themselves as busy as possible and to have the most comfortable space possible during this long period of time at home.

Thus, some areas see here a real development opportunity for e-commerce :

  • Hardware
  • Pharmacy / Parapharmacy
  • Fashion / Fashion / Lingerie
  • E-learning / Online training
  • Retail / Drive
  • Consumer products
  • Products for home / children

Conversely, other sectors are losing out to this epidemic, such as the travel industry, sports equipment and car rental as a whole (Source: Content Square).

The question now is how to communicate at this particular time. What are the acquisition levers to be put forward to keep generating sales?

Communicate before anything else!

The best way to inform your customers and prospects that you are continuing your business is simply to communicate continuously.

Reassure them that delivery services are maintained and that your business is still "open". Many users still have doubts about whether their orders are being delivered or not.

An advertisement on your site, your social networks or on possible ongoing campaigns will reassure your audience who will potentially be led to order as a result of these messages.

Set up promotional offers

In order to maximize your chances of generating orders, you can set up promotional offers for your customers and prospects.

For e-commerce food stores, if you have stocks to run out for fear that they will perish, the delivery free may induce them to order.

In the same way, you can set up product ranges so that your prospects can discover a range of products, while you make sure that you are using up your stock of products.

Finally, you can set up what we call sales promotion which consists in pushing your prospects into action thanks to special sales conditions such as :

  • 3 for 2 purchased
  • Discounts on your entire site
  • Special offer for a fixed period of time

Which channels to use to communicate in e-commerce?

It goes without saying that the communication channels used in this period will be digital.

Indeed, the goal will be to maximize your presence on media such as social networks, search engines, newsletters, etc..

You benefit from a wide spectrum of communication for your e-commerce site. But how do you communicate?

Social networks to support your e-commerce site

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to continue to communicate with your clients/prospects and to be transparent with them.

Whether you are present on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or even Twitter and Snapchat, don't hesitate to pass on information about the fact that your e-commerce activity continues thanks to organic publications social media.

Social networks displayed on a smartphone

If you have physical businesses, inform your customers and prospects that they can continue to benefit from your products by placing an order on your website and redirect them to your site via a URL.

You can also play with the social media advertising to highlight your promotional offers with attractive visuals.

Cost-effective support for your sales

Advertisements on search engines such as Google or Bing but also on market places such as Amazon will undoubtedly maximize your chances of selling your products.

Indeed, users directly express the need through keywords, unlike advertisements on social networks.

Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns for your e-commerce site

The Google search network is, of course, the most well-known search engine among Internet users. The interest for you to put in campaign of - for your e-commerce site is then important.

If your budget doesn't allow it, I advise you the Google Shopping solution managed by Google Ads advertising agency, which allows you to maximize the visibility of your products at a lower printing cost than those of the search network, for example.

Google Shopping with Men's Shoe Query

You can also distribute your offers with attractive visuals via the Display network.

This allows you to target users with :

Finally, maximise the presence of your e-commerce site thanks to the announcements on the search networkYou can also inform and reassure your customers that you honour the deliveries of your e-commerce shop. Additional information can be added to your ads, especially on prices or promotions thanks to the ad extensions.

Price extension and advertisement on the search network
Price extension on the Google search network

Of course, these elements also apply to the Bing research network through Microsoft Advertising (Bing ads, Bing Shopping, Bing Display...).

An explosion of demand on Amazon

In this period of containment, demand is exploding on Amazon, hence the interest in developing its presence on this market place.

It is possible to build your shop on Amazon organically and at no cost! However, this takes a little time, as it is not possible to import your website on Amazon.

Finally, the Amazon advertising can support your Amazon store if your business is not sufficiently visible.

So if you're still wondering how to get through this period and keep your business going, don't wait any longer and turn to appropriate solutions such as e-commerce.

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