How was I recruited into Staenk?

My recruitment at Staenk

I joined the team in September 2020 for my Master's degree in digital strategy, as a social media consultant. I'll tell you about my recruitment and my integration within the Staenk agency! 😉

My recruitment - Staenk webmarketing agency

I was recruited during the lockdown in April/May by Swann Le Moigne, the founder & director of the Staenk agency.

The first contact with Swann Le Moigne

My first exchange with Swann was on Linkedin. He was interested in my profile and my professional projects and quickly offered me a job rotation within the agency. It surprised me to have an opportunity to work as a trainee so quickly. Thanks to this exchange, I was able to experience first hand the accessibility and efficiency of the agency and the team. 

The recruitment process in a web agency

I appreciated the rapidity of the recruitment process, including the proposal for a videoconference within a few days. Afterwards, I did a social media test, then a culture/competence test in SEO.

Recruitment - oral interview Staenk

The oral interview with Swann was quick and efficient. After introducing ourselves, we got to know each other through different questions: what do you do in your current company? What would you like to do? What are your passions outside of work? So I presented my experiences, my projects and who I am in a global way. He also explained my potential position and the context of the agency. 

Recruitment - Test social media

My first test was in social media as I wanted to integrate the position of social media consultant. I had 48 hours to make a strategy proposal on social networks for a client's event. To succeed I focused on this test during 2 full days where I made an audit for the client, proposed an editorial line, contents according to the target and objectives.

Recruitment - SEO Test

After I told Swann about my desire to do SEO, he gave me a general culture test and SEO exercises to do in 1h30. The timing was tight, I gave my best to finish in time! 

I was amazed because it was the first time I had taken recruitment tests. It reinforced my belief that the agency was professional and that the team was expert in these disciplines.

Meeting d'Staenk team

My Integration into the #staenk team of digital marketing experts

The integration process at Staenk

When I came back to Staenk, I was immediately welcomed by Swann who showed me around the agency and explained the context, the activity, my job as a social media consultant etc. I then spent the morning with him and my social media teammate to discover all the agency's processes. I appreciated the efficiency of the process which reassured me as a new recruit!

The Staenk team

The Staenk team is young, dynamic, smiling and professional. So it's easy to fit in and feel good with this team! For a good integration a teambuilding is organized with the whole team, it's a great initiative that allows to create links. 

Thanks to the agency's well-structured process and the team's welcome, I managed to integrate quickly.

My first week at Staenk

How was my first week at Staenk? After learning about my job, my first assignment was to write an astonishment report. The objective was to share all my impressions of the company in order to meet an ambition of continuous improvement. I appreciated that my ideas were taken into account and that the agency was open to change. 

I also got to know each client by doing an audit of each one. These first two missions allowed me to understand my environment and my position.

L'team Staenk

The reputation of the agency

To confirm my decision to join the agency, I questioned my network about it before committing myself.

Word-of-mouth / agency feedback 

I interviewed my friends in my class, my speakers and officials. 

They recommended the agency to me for its expertise in webmarketing, especially in SEO and social media, as well as for its professionalism. 

The e-reputation of the Staenk agency

While searching for the Staenk agency, I noticed that it was very well referenced in a natural way, but that it was also present on social networks. 

The reputation and visibility of the Staenk webmarketing agency allowed me to have confidence in the company and the team before my arrival.

staenk reputation

Overall, I really appreciated my recruitment at Staenk because of the speed of the processes, the internal organisation and my integration into the team.

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